Crazy mircale happened right before drug test

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  1. So..lately ive been goin thru some shit with my family and court and my parents wanted me to take a drug test. I am out on a 5grand bond that they posted so I need to be as good as I can so they dont revoke my bond becuase then I would look really bad in front of the judge and for sure get priso time. This morning before school overheard talk that they should drug test me and thought I better figure something out becuase ive been blowin hella loud everyday since I got bonded out but i continue to deny it infront of my mom when she constantly is questioning my dialated and glassy eyes (something eyedrops dosnt help with unfortunently). So during my last hour of school im talking to this pretty straight edge kid ive never even talked to before end I end up talking him into taking his water bottle to the bathroom and getting me some clean piss. He comes back with about a third of a bottle for me so i throw it in my backpack and say thanks alot man.

    Now, I usually take the bus home but today my dad picked me up becuase I was going to the job center after school to look for a job and he offered me a ride n I said ok. But right after that we drive past my street and go to some aura health care clinic and he tells me I have a doctor ordered drug test. I defintly was not expecting this today but was glad i had that bottle with me. So as were getting out of the car I get the bottle from my backpack and squeez out all the air in it and stick it in my belt real quick low key. We go in, they take me to the bathroom were they shut off ghe water and make you pee i the cup but they dont watch you so I was able to just pour most of the bottle of warm clean piss in the cup.

    I am just so happy Im going to pass becuase I know it will improve family life and loom really good for the judge. On top of that I really dont want to quit becuase at best I will get probation for this felony Im dealing with and that will make smoking alot harder so I really wanna blow heavy while I can lol.

    It was just such a crazy random chance that I talked to dude, got clean piss with me and 20 minutes later I go in for an unexpected drug test..thank you god.
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  2. You're welcome.
    Believe in 4shot.
    courts didn't order it, mommy and daddy did...
  4. Yes it was doctor ordered, not court ordered. No I did not absolutely have to consent to the screening and it was mainly a result of my parents wishes.

    But if I would have refused it would have caused problems at home with my parents where I live as I finish up highschool.
    More importantly it would have looked horrible in front of the judge that I didn't take the doctor ordered screening meaning I must have something to hide, so I must have used illegal drugs since I've been out of jail. Not to mention my parents hold the right to revoke the bond money the posted to get me out, which would reuslt it a warrant and lead to my arrest.

    So don't come at me telling me how old I am because I listened to "mommy and daddy".
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    Yet, Cball is right.
    A doctor doesn't get to order you to take a drug test.
    If you're not 18, Mom or Dad can indeed set the appointment and you pretty much have to go.
    If you were 18, the doctor would have needed your permission. :smoke:
    Edited to add: So how old are you claiming to be?
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  6. The temp was still good after being in your back pack? Mmmmm....
  7. OP no matter what you say now, you are a liar. Unless you admit being underage. I'm 19, have been in your shoes before. When I was a minor. Doctor didn't order shit. Your mom and dad did, because they're your legal guardians until 18.
    You could've said no to the test, doctor LEGALLY couldn't have said a word to your parents, and the doctor wouldn't have told your parents the result, IF you were of age.

    Straighten up man. You might think a felony isn't anything now, because as a minor it isn't, but once you get arrested for the first time as an adult, go to real jail, and get on real adult probation, kinda makes you think a little. Whatever lifestyle you're living to get a felony charge isn't worth it. From experience, please calm your shit OP.
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    I would +rep you if I could.
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    Quit snitching on him by saying he can't be forced to take a doctor dt unless he's under 18. Let the mods deal with him if they suspect he is underage.

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  10. We are not "snitch fucks" we are minor-intolerant. Why so sensitive? :rolleyes:  :poke:
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  11. That dude probably had every unmentionable known to man in his system.
    lawls at snitch fucks...  there isn't any suspecting anything..  he's underage clear as day
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  13. Yeah bro put on your big boy pants and listen to all these "mature" and "grown up" blades be judgemental and give their opinion on your bad situation.
    Yeah that was sarcasm, grow the fuck up and quit being age police. I don't know if it's a control thing or if you all like to give stories of how "rough" you got it. This is about op not your fuckin life.

    "My first time havin sex was in a washing machine.... I was five."
    -Thurnis Haley
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  14. 0wned
  15. Who the fuck cares you guys fucking spam to announce that he's "underage" all because he said doctored order. That doesn't fucking make him under 18 it means his dad lied to him and he clearly seemed content on taking it.

    On topic: Your going to get drug tested and next time it will be court ordered so you should stop doing whatever the fuck your doing and get clean.

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  16. Op's not 18 but I'm sure everyone has figured that out by now.
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    lol, a doctor cant order an 18 year old to take a drug test, even if his parents asked for it..  thats not how real life works....
    and yea we are the age police..  because we like this forum
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  18. Who the fuck gives a shit... as far as I see if my parents had paid to bond me out of jail and could revoke this, I would be taking any drug tests they tell me I have to take.

    LOL at everyone in here who thinks that if you still listen to or respect anything your parents say you must be under 18.
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  19. So you mean his parents might have lied to him? Wtf is with everybody calling underage. This was by far the best drug test story on grasscity.

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  20. Op you had a bottle of clean piss why would you take the drug test. You should have gotten out of your dads car, called him a liar, and told him to shove a stick up his ass. You are 18, you don't have to respect our parents just because you live under their roof. A real stoner would have avoided the drug test at all costs even though you had a bottle of clean piss to pass the test. That's just what 18 year olds do man. Clearly op is underage.

    I'm joking you're all fuckin downers

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