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  1. I want to grow so badly during the fall and winter but have no where inside to grow so I want to make a grow box outside somewhere. So the two biggest problems for growing outside during the winter (I think atleast) are light and heat. Well here's my idea (it may sound retarded). I want to make a grow box in the ground out of wood and in one corner (away from the plants) a metal section with coals being burned. Other than the coals burning down the box, is using coals (such as for cooking on a grill) a good way to keep the box hot enough during the fall and winter. I live in Massachusetts so it gets pretty cold up here. Would coals work for the heat problem? Still don't know how I'm gonna regulate the light in the box but I'll figure it out i have some other weird ideas.
  2. Get an HID light they put off a lotta heat
  3. If you have the capability of diggin deep enough the ground actually acts as a very good insulator and regulates temperatures. There is plenty of people that garden all year round with underground greenhouses. Google it and you'll fine something you like I can bet on that.

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  4. You would need thousands of dollars worth of charcoal, it burns up to fast. But you won't have to worry long because the carbon monoxide it puts off would kill you and the plants if it wasn't vented right. Bad idea, might want to get a bit more creative and a little less lethal.

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