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  1. First off im not much of a ICP fan, I dont know shit of they're songs, And for a reason.

    But they got a couple good songs. I want more now if there is so i know people here like ICP and can help me out.

    I got ICP - Dead Body Man which ive listend to for years. And ICP - Gang Related which is the same listend to for years.

    Im from Detroit so i can get down with some ICP, But shit they from Detroit. I get down with Esham and some Psychopathic Ryda's. The crazy gangster detroit shit i get down with.

    So whas some more crazy gangster ICP songs besides Gang Related and Dead Body Man?

    Damn im stoned. :smoke: :smoking:
  2. I love that song homies. But thats about it. ICP is alright I like a few more songs, but not many. Oh yea and gang related is the shit when im wasted
  3. try these:

    Chicken Huntin (Remix)
    How Many Times
    Southwest Voodoo
    Halls Of Illusions
    Piggy Pie
    Fuck the World
    Terrible (probably my favorite ICP song...right now)
  4. if you like gangster type psychopatic stuff listen to psychopathic ryders< there stolen rap beats with fresh lyrics.

    Also eshams cd "One less G in Da Hood"

    tHere is one on "Pschopathics from Outer Space" called MR.Seasame Seed and SomeHow
  5. You read my post homie?

  6. My all-time favorite ICP song is How Many Times, good call Wykid. I listen to a lot of ICP/juggalo-related music, as well as a good amount of horror-core (Lo Key, Bloodshot, KGP). My friend really got me into it, he's a hardcore juggalo. Haha, good shit man.
  7. When I'm really stoned my friend whips out glowsticks we listen to echoside and he raves :smoking: its so trippy to watch


    you wont be sorry

    oh wait you just wanted some straigh up gangster shit...definitly go with Assasins or How many times.

    give those other ones a chance, you might like them, oh and get fuck the world

    I love ICP but im much more of a twiztid juggalo, Might be a hunch but i think you might like them even more Wykid if you got a bunch of their stuff to listen to



    sweet dude good shit

    oh an BTW, "Gang related" is another psychopathic artist ABK (anybody killah) not icp just so you know.
  8. he aint a psychopathic anymore man.. haha:smoke:
  9. yeah i like ABK but he is not a psychopathic artist anymore but the 2 cds he put out under the label were really good some of the good song were

    these 2 are from Anybody killa-Dirty History
    Party At The Liquor Store - (featuring Cotton Grundy)
    Charlie Brown - (featuring Velvet J)

    these are from Anybody Killa-Hatchet Warrior
    Sticky Icky Situation
    Ya Neden's Haunted- this song is hilarious

    here are some icp songs you might like
    Juggalo Homies
    Suicide Hotline
    Posse On Vernor
    Nutthin' But A Bitch Thang(Eminem Diss Song)
    Just Another Crazy Click - (with Three 6 Mafia/Twiztid)

    and there is twiztid if you have not herd them they are the shit they rap better than icp here are some good songs
    So High
    Off The Chain
    Fuck you
    Spin The Bottle - (with Insane Clown Posse)
    1st Day Out
    Shock & Awe

    also you need to checkout psychopathics form outerspace 2 the whole cd is good it is a cd of songs by all the psychopathic artists that were not released before psychopathics from outer space 1 is good to it has slim anus which is hilarious hope this helps you out
  10. KSR, I don't really like ICP for all of their music. I love their funny songs. Many wouldn't consider it funny but I sure do. So the songs I want to share are just the ones I like but do not follow what you are looking for. :confused: I hope that's ok. :) I'm pretty fucked up too.

    Fuck the world - My favorite ICP song

    These are just fucked up shit and hilarious at the same time:
    Toy Box
    Please don't hate me
    Another Love Song
    Dating Game
  11. icp is the shit,,,, noones mentioned;;; cherry pie'' one of thier best,,,, dirty bong water,, if you like thier funny lirics you gotta really listen to the words of this song,,,,,,, awesome beat also with it,,, one of my personal favorites of this type of music,,,,,,,, they sucked at thier wrestling debut,,,,, but it was funny,,,,:D
  12. Anyone else listen to Bloodshot? I like him, been listening for the past month, I've never heard anything like him. He tries so hard to be dark and creepy but it's entertaining.
  13. The last 2 and 4th one i know about. Funny as hell.

    BigSmoker, Yeah i know of ABK, Ima check them songs right now.

    I love that crazy shit, Like this. "I always find bodys when im mowin the lawn, Drag em in the house, Throw em in the oven..., Taste like chicken, Finger lickin deep fried, I ate a dead body, I dont tell a lie, I ate my first body last week, Still got the fingernails in my teeth."
  14. yuuuck. ICP is terrible. all their clown-freak fans are a joke. how ridiculous...
  15. well if you like the crazy shit. You need to also check out Dark Lotus. It consists of icp,twiztid,and abk. They have 2 cds out the lyrics are dark and demented. I did not list them cause i was not sure if. You would like it but i think they are worth a listen.

    the cds are tales from the lotus pod. There are acctually 2 versions of this cd. When it was first released it was with marz. Alot of people say this version is better. They had a falling out with marz so. They dubed ABKs voice in in place of mars. And the second cd is black rain it will be with ABK.

    tales from the lotus pod- Marz version (red cross on cover)
    -ABK Version (yellow cross on cover)
  16. i know you have your own opinion and i rspect that but there is no need for this post he asked for some good icp song so if you do not have any songs to suggest dont post in the thread :mad:+:smoking:=:cool:
  17. Get "rainbows And Stuff"
  18. i like ICP alot, some songs i like are
    cotton candy, haha i love this song
    halls of illusions
    chicken hunting
    mad professor
    fuck the world
    and we danced
    how many times

    these are just some off the top of my head
  19. What's some good Dark Lotus or Twizted songs.

    I got...

    Dark Lotus:
    -Black Crow
    -Call Upon Your Gods
    -I Hurt Myself
    -I Wanna Die
    -My First Time (FUCKING AWESOME)
    -Pass The Ax
    -We Danced
    -Under The Lotus
    -All Ba-Ba

    -Murder Murder
    -Redneck Hoe
    -Freak Show
    -Im alright
    -We Dont Die
    -Blaze Ya Dead Homie??
    -Serial Killa
    -Im The Only One
    -Fat Kids

    Any other suggestions or even other groups to check out?

  20. Dark Lotus
    Hell House
    Doornail Dorothy(really listen to the lyrics its hilarious and demented)
    Someone Gotta Love Me

    Die motha fucka die
    Spin The Bottle
    1st Day Out
    So High
    Off the Chain
    Feel This
    Fuck U
    Shock & Awe

    also i see you have blaze ya dead homie with question marks he is another psycopathic artist he has 2 cds i have not listened to much of either they are

    1 Less G N Da Hood
    Colton Grundy

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