CRAZY Hilarious stories of losing your virginity -READY, GO!

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  1. Did something hilarious happen when you lost your virginity?

    Is your “coming of age” story stranger than fiction?

    Was your day of deflowering so horribly humiliating you shudder just thinking about it?

    Did the way you lost your v-card turn you into a local legend?

    TELL ME! Anyone in southern california have a story?!
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  2. I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a 16 year old girl. We met at a school dance when her friends tried to get her to pair up with one of my friends but she thought I was hotter and danced with me instead. We found out we lived really close to each other almost on the same street.

    She was kind of a bad girl and I found that attractive. She had violent tendencies, (one time she got angry at me and tried to light my hair on fire), she had been to juvey, she rode a motorcycle and carried a knife with her to threaten people, and she had been expelled from school so many times that she was in the same grade in school as me (8th grade at the time) despite being two years older than me.

    She had a 19 year old boyfriend but she liked me and had a fling with me where we snuck around him and had sex twice, the first time we did it she took my virginity and the sex came very naturally to me. Definitely nothing humiliating about my first time. Strangely, that girl was also my first real kiss, my first second base, and first intercourse.
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  3. Virginity is my shield, and none shall pass!

    Jokes aside, I still got it.
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  4. She sounds like a butch lezbo the way you described her lmao

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    She was no lesbian I assure you lol. She wasn't butch in appearance, she looked like a girly girl with long hair, make up, and a soccer player body. She was sort of butch in personality though or at least just very aggressive that made her seem less feminine.
  6. Ok, where do I start?... I can't remember.

  7. Mine happened because of Hurricane Katrina. There family got moved to our local park and we were taking care of them. Well I was 14 and they had a daughter the same age. Anyway I was a virgin and wanted to lose it. So we banged next to a public trail in the park. I lasted a whole 15 seconds. ;)

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