Crazy girls, what to do?

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    So I've known this girl for a few months now. We've hung out and everything multiple times. She is a few years younger than me and we smoke maybe one or twice a week. We've actually been texting and whatnot for quite some time. She says that she only knows how to smoke when I'm around her. We hardly, or she hardly says very much and we've known each other for some months ago. How do I get her to talk to me? I try talking to her but she says later on in a text she talks, but whenever I'm around her she doesn't know what to do or say. I feel the same way only because I was like that at first but I got over it. I am so confused.. Don't quote me, I'm a little out there :smoke:

    Also, I'm sure I have repeated things quite often. Don't mind that :)

  2. How about you try this thing called communication.
  3. Dude girls aren't that hard. She likes you. It's pretty simple it's easy to talk to you through texts because she isn't actually in front on you, when she is in front of you she's nervous. Doesn't want to say anything stupid.
  4. she likes u by the sounds of it she likes u alot and dosnt have much experience with guys
  5. Unless your like 15, just keep it real with her. Be you, and she'll be her, if thats her, maybe she's just boring. On to the next...
  6. I can communicate, I know that, but I can only do so much. I know she likes me, but you are right. Now that I think about it she seems like she doesn't have a lot of opposite sex experience. I mean, I feel like I'm not doing my job although I am putting in the effort. She doesn't seem like she's trying hard, so I will just have to make a move. Whenever I'm around her tho there is usually 1-2 other people and there is no way in hell we can hang out anywhere else.

    Also, no, I am in my twenties.

  7. I think its misleading to call her boring. Lots of people have a hard time communicating well in this day and age because of technology, and how easy it is to contact someone. Its a good way to talk when you cant see each other, but if you primarily communicate with your phone, you are not falling in love with her, you are falling in love with her words.

  8. You have a good point, but I do not think me for one would fall into something such as that. She may be falling in love with my words, because she has already told me a lot about her liking me and all but it's always through text. Like how I make her feel like she can be smarter, and how I always say the right things. I talked to her about that but everytime she sees me it's not much verbal communication. I was just wondering what other way there is to break this chain because for one, it is messing with emotions too bad. So much that I can't even think past tomorrow.
  9. Okay so she likes you, thats a plus.

    Now the issue is she doesnt know what to say when she's around you.

    She is over thinking things so your gonna hafta step up here.

    She doesnt feel comfortable, so act a lttle 'childish' and break the ice. She might be afraid of saying something stupid or doing something she thinks you may find immature (she is younger ya know?)

    So loosen up and show her she doesnt have to put up a front and she can be herself around you :smoke:
  10. Yes Yes, Exactly :) Thank you. Kind of what I was thinking, but I wanted to get a different perspective on the situation. She smokes all the time, but she is cutting it down to only the weekends or one a week anyway. Which is a plus because we all know how smoking can slow down the learning process and mess with emotions. I have not smoked for about a month and a half though for career purposes. But I will have to step up my part I guess and let her know she doesn't have to be afraid. She always gets in her mind that she thinks I will get offended by her or that I wont/don't like her. Also, we have yet to make physical contact if you know what I mean :cool: I mean, I want to steal a kiss from her instead of her insisting/asking for a hug before I leave to head home..
  11. Yeah my gf and I were the same until we got together.

    I love MJ but for just starting a relationship, it can pose some hindrances and make my emotions WAY out of whack.

    Keep talking to her and steal a friendly hug next time you guys leave one day, shell like that! Dont forget to follow it up with a txt a little later.

    Just make her feel special and show her you're interested thats the key.

  12. Describe a "friendly hug" lol. Sounds nice, but I've hugged her the last few times I have seen her. It's funny tho because she's like 5'4 and I'm 5'11 :p
  13. 1. Turn off phones & take break from texting.
    2. Insert penis into vagina.
  14. 3. Rinse
    4. Repeat
  15. ^^^ This
  16. So you've already hugged her??

    Your farther than i thought. Now You have to initiate a one on one date.

    You're in bro. I can give you all the advice, but from experience i can say you just hafta go out there and experience it for yourself.

    Good luck :smoke:

    and be gentle!
  17. So, you're complaining that your girl talks too little?

    "Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and grass grows by itself."

    Enjoy the silence. :)

    Then kiss her.
  18. Thanks for the excellent comments everyone! That means you too Dankifornia! thanks for giving me the confidence I need! She's also a toker which is hawt, and when I start smoking again maybe I can get her to shotgun with me.

    Perpetual, I was not complaining in anyway about her being too quiet :p I think it's actually cute and is much better than a girl who wont shut up. ;)
  19. Also if she's quiet there's a good chance she is a freak.

    Go in with an open mind. You only live once make it count

  20. Ha Ha, I like how you think! You are right, but in the world of James Bond, you only live twice ;)

    Thanks again

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