Crazy friends with no limits

Discussion in 'General' started by snowbunni420, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. do any of you have friends like me who have no regard for the limit or dosage of any drug? For example, my friend Nat (insane i tell u) took at one time 30 valiums-passedout in the barber chair.... took a quad of shrooms--tried to open the cardoor on the highway and choke the driver... you know. that kinda stuff?
  2. nope, thats fucking crazy...
  3. nope not that crazy. as crazy as we get is usually car sledding while really drunk.
  4. yeah i got a friend like that, he's not one for rational reasoning and thinking...
  5. yea but dude,. this kid goes to YALE!!!! wtf! i have more stories but jeez. They went on a coke and acid binge when new york was snowed in and walked around the ghetto REALLY trippin out. raided the minibar up to a bill of 2500 dollars!!!
    i thought this was normal haha
  6. Yea I got a friend that has no limits. Several of them actually. One ate 50 hits of acid in the course of one day. The other has mixed and matched everything imaginable. The worst story I heard about him is he stuffed his face full of sleeping pills and downed it with mad alcohol.

  7. And he.... survived?
  8. yea i used to be like that a year ago, im better now, ur body turns into death
  9. yeah I know alot of people that do stupid shit
  10. I dont really have no friends like that.

    I used to be you pour me a drink or open me a bottle id finish it. I dont drink no more, and you can tell why.
  11. My dumbass brother loves pills. He'l take 50 pills if you told him that it'll get him high. I remember when he took 32 Coricidin pills with some Risperdal. He ended up goin into convolsions and it was only me and him in the apartment. That was his 5th time overdosing but he's still bein a dumbass and poppin pills. If you want to see a crazy motherfucker then that'll be him. Luckily I don't live with him anymore or I'll have panic attacks everyday. I should bitch slap him huh?
  12. yes. hard. but not too hard. for his own good.

  13. Yea, he has survived it all. Crack, coke, ecstasy, shrooms, acid, etc etc etc and many different combos. He can pop 2 pills of E and eat an 1/8 of shrooms and still be fine. Crazy fucker... I wish him well.
  14. yea, i am that friend, only now i'm safer n tryin not to kill myself.

  15. Haha, when I saw you're name as the last poster in this thread I was like, shit he better not have any friends that do more than him! Glad to hear you backed away from that crap.

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