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Crazy Edibles overdose & questions about body chemistry

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Caprican, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    On Friday I made about 2 cups of Canna-Nut (Coconut w/cannabis) oil using maybe 5 or 6 grams of lightly used beasters I'd run through my volcano a few times... I've done this before in smaller quantities (less herb, less oil) and the dosing has never really been a problem before.

    So on Saturday morning we made a chocolate cake using 1/2 cup of oil, at around 2pm I ate a large-ish piece (maybe 1/6th of the cake) - I'm not a small guy, 5'11 bout 210 pounds. I waited about an hour, my fiance (smaller obviously) had a slightly smaller piece than I did and after 30 minutes she was definitely feeling it, and I had nothing.

    So I do a bag on the vaporizer all grumpy and shit, over the next few hours we both have two more pieces of cake, and I just have a really mellow trip from the vaporizer not feeling any of the cake at all

    So we go to sleep, I wake up at about 3am (Keep in mind took the first piece of cake at around 2pm - 13 hours earlier) tripping my balls off, stay up all night with a mix of very heavy couchlock but also dipping in and out of closed and open eye visuals and lucid dreams. That state lasted ALL DAY with me drifting in and out of sleep, honestly it felt more like I had a crazy bad fever and was having fever dreams but I wasn't and am not sick. My fiance started freaking out on her own about an hour earlier saying that "all these scenarios kept running through her head so fast it was making her nauseas". I told her you can't OD on pot (the cake hadn't kicked in for me yet at this point) and that the only way you can have an issue is if you just freak out. She eventually threw up (We're talking like exorcist style, it was freaking amazing) and felt better after that....

    I on the other hand spent the next 24hrs stuck in this wierd loop of being totally sedated and having lucid dreams, slept probably 10 hrs between 9am-8pm then completely fell asleep until 8am this morning when I *finally* was not high.

    So my question here is - What the hell did I do wrong? I've baked before and not had this crazy shit happen, I know my herb is good because we smoke it all the time.... Did we just overdose and its different taking too much in an edible rather than through smoke?

    The only other thing that comes to mind is that I have a ton of food allergies (one of the reasons I got into this whole scene) and the cake mix we tried (bobs red mill chocolate cake gluten free) had something in it that made me have an allergic reaction (which also didn't kick in until I was feeling the cake) Could my body through that allergic reaction have stalled out the digestion process and kept the thc in my system alot longer than it normally would have been?

    For what its worth the cake was good :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. i was going to be dick, but decided not to be. you ate an assload of edibles and weren't prepared for it. i mean seriously, are you really asking if you OD'd off fucking cake? come on.
  3. When I say OD I don't mean "Almost died" or "Needed stomach pumped" I mean "crossed the line where it stops being fun"

    Can you get to that point from smoking/vape because I've done alot and always kinda just plateu, is it different with edibles?
  4. could of been a wierd high because of the allergies but i have no fucking clue to be honest
  5. i would love for tht to happen to me man.
  6. This has happened so much, and I really think you just ate too much and underestimated the power. Sometimes it just takes a really long time for it to kick in and when it does.....you just ain't prepared boy. Lawlz ya I think that's what happened.
  7. sounds fun to me......

  8. yea the allergie thing for sure
  9. Don't listen to alot of the posts already made. :rolleyes:

    It is simple. You had too much. With edibles, you should never eat too much unless you want to feel like you have a small flu, have been heavily sedated, and dizzy.

    Edibles are not fun if you eat too much.

    Next time, try just one piece in the morning on an empty stomach. Tell me how you like it. ;)

    People seem to think that it's like smoking. The more you use, the higher you get. With edibles, the more you eat, the less enjoyable it will be.
  10. Funny that you post this, I had the exact same experience

    I ate about 1/8 of the cake and didn't feel anything 2-3 hours after, so I ended up eating 1/4 and I really felt it like 10mins after, I went to sleep and had the same visions as your fiance with the scenarios running fast through my head, luckily I didn't puke. I slept for like 12 hours and when I woke up I was still high all day..

    so yeah, definitely not allergies, it seems to be what happens when you eat too much

    btw I used 6 grams of dank in 1/2 cup of oil, using this recipe: Pot Brownies
  11. Its all about how fast your body can digest food

    Some people eat and shit out everything they ate in a hour

    other people eat and won't digest everything they ate for maybe 5 or more hours.

    This mixed in with your food allergies you probably had a late onset of high
    and since you ate so much of it you greened out

    just my theory
  12. you are seriously just trying to make me jealous.
  13. in my defense, I posted this before I read your thread ;)
  14. lol i agree with tfacey but, why do people comment on month+ old thread? anyways i have yet to try edibles cant wait till i move out so i can grow, make hash, make edibles and smoke as much as i like without havin the feelin that im wasting it. :smoking:
  15. dude, this thread was started 2 days ago ;)
  16. ye first time i freaked out high it sucked balls...but now its like fuck ye
  17. i dont digest for awhile till night time =(i have nothing wrong with me ethier
  18. i could prob grow i just gotta grow balls to ask my dad
    but my dads gf is nothing but a thief...so im worried she`ll jack buds and so forth
    i got 2 cons =(
  19. allergies for sure.... i dont even understand how you could get high after running it through the vap? trichs are what get you high... if you burn off the trichs you have tabbacco looking, crap... if you try to burn your vap waste, you cant get high, in a bong, pipe, blunt, etc... by chance are you in mass where they are putting like dust crap on the nugs?

  20. The thing to remember is that there isn't any way to be 100% efficient with your canabinoids... Smoking it (combustion) is like 10% efficient, and the best vapes out there tuned to the exact perfect temperature are like 50% efficient... The thing about vapes though, is that they don't go all scorched earth on the remains.

    When you use the proper temp to vape (around 380-400 degrees) you end up with ground bud that looks more toasted than burnt, and there is still alot of THC on there - it just takes a fat soluable slow simmer to extract it.

    And actually, you can totally smoke a bowl of vaped remains - Still *alot* of thc in there.

    Re: location, i'm in california

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