Crazy drunk friend. Hard work.

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    A friend of me n my boyfriend comes knockin at the door like everyday like offerin us a smoke n some beers if my man goes to get it. We're down for that, standard. Problem is that this geezer is very fuckin noisy and talks over us. He gets over excited i would say whilst everyone else is just tryna chill n watch telly.

    Now we tell him "keep it down" all the time, he will talk a bit quieter for a while then start gettin all hyped up again, so it's just him bein drunk n we're all guilty of this. Thing is that we got neighbors n dont wanna wake em up, we're "nocturnal" n they dnt wanna hear drunken shouting n stomping at 5am. :rolleyes: Seasoned drinker that can't handle his drink.

    This sounds kinda dumb i know and he's cool and all that but does my freakin head in!

    Can't complainreally though cos he does proper sort us out n comes with of money, food, drinks, gets all over generous sometimes. I just wish it was a bit easier to keep him under control.
  2. Sounds like a nice person to me
  3. All drunks need to get shot and burned.
  4. The fuck?

  5. As in chronic users.

  6. Let him know that although you appreciate his generosity you can't allow him to be drunk at your house if he's too loud because neighbors may complain and have the cops called, and that's the last thing you want if you have weed and pipes and all that.
  7. He sounds chill, I'd just remind him he's getting loud in a polite manner or as a joke so it won't come off as dickish.
  8. He's a great guy don't get me wrong. He'll be comin round soon most likely, if he starts gettin loud again I'll be sure to keep remindin him.

    Also, spanishgirlsmmm, why be so judgemental towards drunks? some of them are sound. Hate the drug not the user mate. Drinkin chronically does fuck people right up but that doesn't make them bad people.

  9. So you're telling me that you should hate the alcohol and not the alcoholic?


    They're terrible people who don't know how to deal with their own emotional problems so they drink.

    Even though it solves absolutely nothing they drink.

    They piss off everybody around them and waste their lives because they can't man up.

    And the worst part is that most of them are adults.
  10. Why don't you drink at his house? That way if anyway complains its on him and not you.
  11. Well most of us learn to deal with their problems in other ways, having a better grasp on our emotions. Now alcoholics rely on drink as they will feel shaky and anxious, even gettin seizures before they have alcohol in their system. Self medicating to ease the physical withdrawal symptoms. It is self inflicted, they probably should never have started drinking such serious amounts.

    What you are saying is not wrong. It's just no reason to hate alcoholics. It can be too late for them to change
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    In piling all "drunks" into one category like that kinda sorta makes no sense.
    And actually, makes YOU sound like a terrible person who can't handle their emotional problems......

    And no, I do not drink.

    OP, just jokingly ask him to shhh, or give him some food, pretty hard to talk and eat.
  13. Seems to me like the dude in the OP isn't really an "alcoholic" though - as in someone that drinks every day, alone or with company, and depends on that shit. This guy seems more like someone who enjoys to drink with their mates...pretty common and doesn't make you a bad person at all...

    We're all guilty of gettin a bit drunk n rowdy. Just let him know if he's bein a bit loud n just remind him why u can't be gettin' all lary at 5am n shit.
  14. I take serious offense to this. What if its my job to drink? Because I choose this career path to support myself, you think I should be shot and burned? I wish the same onto you, that you have wished onto me.

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  15. What job pays for you to drink everyday? That's solely out of curiosity btw, I thought it was an ignorant statement to make too.

  16. What kind of retarded job is that?

  17. Yes, instead of getting them help or trying to correct the problem, shoot them and burn them. They deserve nothing less.

    Oh, wait, no that's a completely moronic statement. Nevermind.
  18. Quality Control at a distillery, I get to sample each tenth bottle coming off the line. And it's not "retarted", actually I hold a masters in molecular biology. With that being said I probably urinate a higher ABV than most beers served in Belgium.
    Edit: now please, escort your ignorant ass out of this forum :mad:

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  19. U know Alcoholism is a disease right? People dont actually wake up one day and say "I want be to an alcoholic"

  20. 1. I'm sure you have problems that affect everyone around you.

    2. You are pissing off everyone around you in this forum and are wasting your life because you can't look at other people's point of view

    3. Why is the worst part that they are adults? A bunch of child addicts would be way worse.

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