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  1. ive been trying the nictotine patch lately, and my dreams have been fucking bad, some are freaky/sexual, where its the most disturbing (i will NOT go into detail here...lets just say, im never ever going to mexico ever again)

    heres my dream from last night

    i walk past my friend jesus (he just looks like jesus ya know long hair, middle eastern skin, scruffy, sandals, and just has this look of jesus to him...)...he tells me "hey i got your birthday present for you", and gives me a huge plant in the middle of time square...however werent in new york when i started...then he gave me 5 g-spot thizzles, and a huge HUGE bag of shrooms...and then he pushes me back and says good luck, and i fall into a scene from when i was 12 and i broke my arm...but im still holding this bag, and my mom is there, and im trying to hide the stuff, but its not working...the doctor comes out and is now holding it, and i fade away, falling through black...then im at my 18th birthday, im in my own place, and im graduated, but im still going to high school....i see my girl in high school an walk up to say hi, and she likes amazed and scared to see me...turns out she thinks i died and am a ghost...and then when i was telling someone about whats going on, i woke up...

    my other one from last night

    im going beer for beer with an old friend, and were in the double digits now, and all of a sudden, no more beer, but snakes..and were ringing them out and drinking whats inside, until my friends parrot comes and picks up the basket of snakes...we tried to tell someone whats going on but they became a police officer that busted us for possession of nothing, because it was a law to carry weed...he used play doh to make handcuffs, but you couldnt break free...and they hooked us up to a clockwork orange type thing, and made us watch the shawshank redemption...then kept speaking in dutch, and i couldnt understand them, and they would cattle prod us if we didnt obey...then as soon as he cattle prodded me i woke up...

    ive never been on the patch before, and really these dreams have been messin with my head...anyone know whats up, have similar experiences, or anything about these lucid dreams...theyre like reality...but really fucked up...anything i can do?
  2. ...dude maybe you should try goign to sleep a few days wit out the patch thast sounds crazy makes me wish i could rember my dreams more.
  3. ive never been on the nicotine patch to quit smoking, but I do have crazy ass dreams all the time. Last night I had such a sweet, but crazy dream about the Mars post and the lunar eclipse post in one of the other areas of this forum and I ended up looking out my window and seeing the moon turn transparent and another "earth" was behind it, then i looked further out my window to the right and there was mars, it was fucking HUGE, like the world was gonna end or something. All of a sudden I was wisked away to some sort of rich upscale boarding school(ive never been to a boarding school) and it was nighttime and I was walking around the halls and i come to this door that leads to the basement but there is this terrible smell comming from it(i couldnt actually smell anything, but i assumed it "felt" like it smelt terrible.
    So, I walk down there and it's this huge dungeon-like area with some lava pools tons of candles and shit and this creepy little mother fucker that looked like the crypt keeper from tales from the crypt, except he was flying around and all these blue and red and pink streams of light were coming from him. He flew over to some over that had a bunch of caskets next to it and he would just lift them with his mind and throw them in the fire. He didn't say anything at all when he saw me he just kept flying around then I somehow managed to get wisked to the cafeteria/dorm area of the boarding school where i saw some kid that had betrayed my friendship back a few years ago, but before i could get to him i woke up.

    Sorry for the long dream, but dreams are one of my favorite things in the world cause it uses your mind so much. I recommend, just look up certain things that you saw vividly in your dream (ie parrot, handcuffs,drugs, etc) and it will give you the meaning behind why it was in your dream and to tell you the truth it has been right everytime I've checked a dream, so give it a go.
  4. If it was a true lucid dream then you should be able to control every aspect of the dream. I've tried to have lucid dreams but it never works for me :(
    I hear it's an amazing experience but I have yet to find out -

  5. eh, yes and no. you have to realize its a lucid dream to actually take control of it, which can be very very hard to do without waking up.
  6. I used to never remember my dreams, up until a few months ago. Since then I have been able to remember almost every single dream I have, each night.

    The secret to remembering your dreams is simple. All you have to do is say to yourself "I will remember my dreams when I wake up" right before you go to sleep. I usually say it a couple of times to reinforce it, but it always works. I think it works because when you wake up that sentence is the first thing you remember, thus you remember your dreams.

    Try it, it works for me.

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