Crazy deformed plant

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  1. Hey guys, has anyone seen growth like this?

    Ever since it was a seedling it alternated nodes, some branches grow without shade leaves, some nodes grow two sets of branches and shade leaves, it also grew like it had been topped.

    I have only used lst on it. It's 11 days into veg, about 20 days from seed.
    It's a bag seed, growing next to a northern lights.


  2. Good green color, tight spacing, looks good to me.
  3. Thanks, she (I hope) does look good, I just have never seen a plant grow this way from a seed, if you look close at the second you can see two fan leaves with two new branches with them and there is another behind the stem at the same level. Basically I'm getting 3 instead of 2 every node. Hope that makes sense.

    If it is a girl I guess its clones would continue to grow the same :)

    I'll try and get a better pic
  4. what are those rocks its in? have you grown many times in them with success?
  5. They are called grow stones, I have used them a few times with no problems. I used to use hydroton but I like these now, I can use nice big holes for my roots to grow through without any crap getting into my res.

    I wash them really well with ph correct water before I use.

  6. oh cool. Ive seen growstones before but I thought they were smaller. Theyre just recycled glass right?
  7. I think you can get them in a smaller grade. Yeah its re-cycled glass, i think its super heated or something. Here's the link
  8. Despite of irregular shapes, there’s nothing wrong with your plant. Growing is a natural process, sometimes it get twisted my nature but as long as it’s healthy, everything is fine. You did a great job placing your plant under grow stones.

    Physically, it looks really attractive and I read that it has many benefits over Hydroton.
  9. Unfortunately he grew a little set of balls so I pulled him :(

    My northern lights is going well so if I can get some cuttings from her ill be happy.

    I'm finding the grow stones really good to use, I think I'll stick to them from now on.
  11. I just find them clean and easy to use, I use the large size so I can use big holes in my top tub for the roots to grow through and I get no crud in my res.

    The first time I used them I only rinsed them with tap water and I had fluctuating ph for a couple of weeks. Now I rinse them and then soak them in ph adjusted water before I use them and I have no problems at all.

    The roots seem to grow though them quicker than hydroton, but that's just me.

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