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Crazy Bong Artwork

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akforty7s, May 18, 2006.

  1. Damn check this shit out I found on

    FULLy worked tube.. this artwork is crazy

  2. "ILLEGAL IMAGE REFERENCE"...those pics dont work dude

  3. yea fix them i wanna c
  4. There's ALOT of illegal images on this site. Or, images of illegal things I guess.
  5. wtf mannnnnnnnnn
  6. Woah my bad did not mean to hotlink..

    good to go now
  7. that is amazing i want it
  8. On acid I bet that would be the raddest thing ever.
  9. How about that thing looks amazing not on anything. You don't have to be high for something to blow you away.
  10. Thats amazing. it looks so thick and 3D. I bet the white filling up the background looks awesome.
  11. thats the sweetest bong ive ever seen in my life
  12. Damn, I would shoot myself if it was mine and I broke it. I'd keep that locked up in the closet and bring it out only on special occasions.
  13. That could possibly be the coolest bong I have ever seen :eek:
  14. I must say that personally, I find that a bit overdone. There's something refreshing about a GOOD glass job, but when it's like that it's impossible to digest it all. Besides, I like a bong that looks good when getting milked. That's part of the binging experience.
  15. wow, that's intense, but a bit too much for me!
  16. Glasspipes always has the most amazing shit on there. :p

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