Crazy ass Hotbox?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeytheburr, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. So i had about 2 bowls of some pretty dank shit a friend hooked me up with. I take a hit and it was cold so i was in my northface jacket and had this big breathing space anyways i took hits outside then blew them inside and bundle up the smoke stayed in there and when i unzipped all this smoke poured out. Im high as fuck right now so sorry for it being shitty lol.

    wow i just read that and its fucked up anyways....

    hotboxing inside a nylon type material.... plausible?
  2. ive thought about doing this before but how does it stay air tight?
  3. i turned my closet into a hotbot for a while...had shelves in there and cushions and everything:eek:

    gonna be building one out of plexi soon:p
  4. OP, you sound like the type of person that would really, really like a grassmask
  5. I would go apeshit over a gasmask....
    its not really air tight... but the material is enough to keep a large amount of smoke in. northface makes some high quality shit lol.. and after you breath in and out about 5 times no thc is left.... but i just stayed inside unless i was hitting it.... god i was FUCKED up last night.... i cant even explain it... probably my 2nd best high.
  6. I am about to totally toke e yo tent.... with my jacket also....
    that was the first time my eyes have ever gotten red.... and they were REALLY red.

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