Crazy ass dream involving GrassCity!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nushaganazad, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. guys, i had an insane dream the other night that GC was actually involved in haha.

    heres what went down, it was nuts, lol.

    I was driving down I75 crossing the kentucky to ohio bridge, its about 200 feet over the ohio river, and im just driving down it, and these bad ass bikers on crouch rockets come flying by doing wheelies and someone cut one of them off and he swerved hit the wall and flew off his bike, off the bridge and into the water, i pulled me Ebrake, jumped outta my car and instinctivly ran and jumped off the bridge same place he did. and landed in the water, swam under and found him, pulled him up and gave him CPR and saved his life, it was all video taped lol.

    the next day i was on the news and there was a video of it all on youtube, and there was a newspaper artivle about it online, i posted it all on GC first thing cause i love it here :hello: :hello: lol. I got MADD + rep for it too haha

    and then the next week i was on the OPrah show haha and she gave me a fucking 2006 dodge viper, it was sooo cool

    then unfortunently, i fucking woke up

    it was just a cool ass dream i thought id share lol.
  2. dreams like that make me wish i wouldnt wake up.....seriously dreams are soo damn cool
  3. i had a dream i was smoking a bowl in my car, parked and shit and like 6 cops come out of nowhere, and it was funny cause i played it just like he "busted" video and shit and they were like you know why we stopped you and i was lkie no officer, and he was like your parked in a no parking zone and then i woke up

    had a dream lastnight with this hot ass girl, fucking smokin hot and were talking and then my friend, the druggie friend comes up and is like lets get a zip, so in my dream i copped a zip off this girl, fucking weird, went from chilling and talking about shit too buying drugs off her,

    i think it was a sign of the girl i'm supposed to marry

    hopefully it will come true cause she was a knockout
    not like over the top hot but like cute and reasonable, the kind of girl you could take home to mom, but without the drug dealing thing
  4. haha, good dreams bro lol. + rep
  5. lol i was reading this and i totally forgot you said it was a dream, and I was like "holy shit, really? who are you? when did it happen?"
  6. Haha ! :p Oprah, thats too much. Nice.

    BTW: what color was the Viper? :D
  7. it was a black convertible, and i took it the same day i got it to the high performance shop around my house, KTR, and had twin Turbo charged superchargers put on and it ran a 7.4 quartermile lol.
  8. i hope i get drunk enough where i dont have dreams

    those fuckers keep me up all night(i fucking hate this house, give me awful ones then i am up for the rest of the night)

  9. I think that's a sign that you needa log off of GrassCity...:p

    But interesting dream, nevertheless...
  10. blasphemy.

    crusify this bitch:smoke:
  11. dude, man, chill out, and come chill with me after lunch with ur sis tom, my mom will feed u and treat u right man haha.
  12. heh that dream is awesome :D
  13. I havent had a dream in... I believe 4 or 5 years...
  14. i dont think i should drink when i am pissed anymore
  15. yeah man, i love dreams

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