Craziest thing you've been offered off a stoner friend??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Swifthero, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. ok,so ill just start by saying its my friends who got offered these,but i was there so im just telling you them...
    1.My 1st friend got offered(and ate)sweets covered in shit while he was baked
    2.My other friend was offered gay sex when his friend was stoned one night.
    pretty crazy stuff,you guys got any?
  2. Her virginity
  3. nice...
  4. crystal meth
  5. umm, am i the only one thinking wtf...

  6. Pretty sure I've told this story here before, but..

    My first few times smoking, the dude I was smoking with had his coworker/friend over too... he was this latino dude who was probably 350+ pounds, and he'd just sit around talking about how bad he wanted a girl to "come over and take a shit on his chest", and then act like the rest of us were outrageous for not sharing the same sentiments.

    Then he'd always ask me and my friend if we wanted to buy some heroin, and we'd always be like "fuck no" and the guy I was smoking with always claimed he was just bullshitting us... but at the same time, he didn't have his license or anything cause he had warrants for his arrest. :rolleyes:
  7. The Fuck....
  8. an entire bucket of kfc extra crispy chicken
  9. I've been offered other drugs, to sell the stuff I smoke, etc. Nothing weird like what the op posted though.
  10. I was offered $100 to eat a pound of dog diarrhea by a buddy, I kindly declined.
  11. Should have made him weigh out exactly 1 pound, show you the money and the pound of dog shit.

    You should have then grabbed the money and thrown the shit in his face while screaming "HADOKEN" and run off.

  12. I would never do that hahaha
    yet the idea of what he would do if I did that is REALLY funny.
  13. An apple, dipped in caramel. Then dipped in vanilla icing. Then dipped in chocolate. Then sprinkled with various candy coating type things.

    And it was on a stick.

    This shit was made by a true professional. No, literally, it was her job and she made an extra one for me :D
  14. I've been offered other drugs, sex, relationships, blackmail... All kinds of shit.

    People are funny. :)
  15. My friend offered me her dog. She was like "Fuck it, just take him."
    I declined :)
  16. FUCK YEA :hello:
  17. That doesn't sound very nice.

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