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craziest thing while high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by herbal garden, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. wut wuz the craziest or most creative thing u did while u were high

  2. looked in a mirror and tried jumping..... iz so sick
  3. craziest... i watched a movie called Terror Toons on 10 hits of bomb ass 'cid... not something i recommend ANYONE do by the way.

    most creative... um... my friend and i were trying to burn... but had no flame. so i turned on my electric stove, waited for it to get hot, then touched some paper towel to it. the paper towel caught on fire, and i used this to light a candle. we then used the candle to light the bowl :D
  4. craziest- jumped off of a 40' or so cliff into a water filled quarry

    creative- fasioned a bowl out of a solid chunk of sandstone, stick hollowed by ants, a bottle cap, and a pocket knife.
  5. Sounds like an awsome peace dude you got a pic??

  6. thats some straight up mcgayver shit right there.
  7. You blow into the hose from where ever your sitting, and it leads to the window, ans filtered smoke blows through the window, so no smell gets in my room.

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  8. first of all, the tube thing is pure genius. and Bud stuffer, I can relate with the jumping off high objects thing. I once jumped off a ~ 30' high bridge into a flooded 25' deep river! one of my friends was there and he chased me down stream for a good 400 yards, When he pulled me out a the corner and I came to, I had no idea why I was in the river, or where I lived. we went to McDonalds and got something to eat (You should see the look on the eployee's faces when you walk into a restaraunt soaking wet, Its funnier than hell:)).robably took a good 8Hrs to remember how to get home!:)

  9. yes... this is very much true... great idea. what do ya do about the bit of smoke that comes from the bowlhead after ya hit it though?
  10. yeah jumping off of tall shit into water kicks ass

    i don't have a pic but i have the piece so when ever i get to a digi i will take a picture of it, it is pretty bad ass, i have had several people try to buy it from me or get me to make them one to buy. took me hours to drill those holes in stone with a bottle cap.

    i use something simmilar to that hose in my dorm room, it is a foot long bottle that i cut a hole in the bottom of, works like a charm. i use a lighter or some other object just so long as it is flat to cover the bowl
  11. me and a load of my friends got wasted last summer and we were just bombing around on our moter bikes and we came across a garden centre, for some reason we hopped the fence, walked around for a bit, did not see any security men so we satdown on some benches rolled a joint smoked the joint, it must have been about midnight or 1 am, then we robbed the garden centre. so we were driving back to my mates house compleatly smashed outta our face's with garden gnomes and little tress and plants strapped to out mopeds and moterbikes, the next morning i woke up and the were all the plants and small trees and gnomes sitting in his houseand i was like wtf so we just planted the plants and put the gnomes in his back yard we must have robbed at lest 200 pounds worth cos some of the small trees were like 35 pounds

  12. lol, trees and garden gnomes?

    wonder what the garden center thought when they opened the next day.
  13. As im about done inhaling I put my finger over the little hole, or a peice of paper or something if it gets too hot, I use a litd too, with the tiny hole.then I hole it for a couple second till I know its oout, and inhale a bit. sometimes some escapes but it usually isnt enout to make any smells.. and I have this orange citrus spray stuff, that hides pot pretty good.

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