Craziest shit ever just happened to me...

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    Okay so the morning starts off normally i wake up(family not home), take a few trenches out of my MFLB, and make breakfast. I am sitting down watching tv when i hear my back gate open(a very distinct sound), i then hear the backdoor open violently and i yell "hello?! who is it?!?!" i say this about 10 times then after i hear very loud footsteps almost like someone running and i bolt out my front door and run up to these gardeners doing the house next to me and say "give me your phone someone is breaking into our house!!" I call the police tell them theres a burglary in progress and all my info ect.. The dispatcher says "oh boy there are a lot of units coming your way". Im like..oh shit.

    At this time i look into my front window from the street and see a figure with a tan shirt on and bald(noone i know is bald). I tell the cops this.

    Dont forget that during all of this i am HIGH AS FUCK.

    So im waiting for them to get there and out of nowhere 2 undercover cop cars come flying around the fucking corner along with normal patrol cars and SUV's. Cops get out and i point to my house. There were 5 cops total that went into my house guns drawn. I'm sitting there waiting and then my fucking BROTHER runs out of the front of the house and is like what is going on?!?!

    He said that when i was in the shower he got home unexpectedly and was listening to his ipod in the backyard tanning. He opened the gate because he thought i drove away and then came in the back door. he still had his headphones in and couldnt hear me yelling. Then out of nowhere he sees someone pointing a gun in a shadow against the wall and then like a shitload of cops came around the corner and were all "HANDS UP NOW!!" hes just like what the fuck!! im his brother whats going on?!!

    After they realized it was my brother they all left. They said it was good that i called though because theyve had a lot of home invasions in this area the past few months.

    Sketchy buisness...almost the craziest thing thats happened to me when i was baked.

  2. ahahaha that probably killed ur high
  3. Hahah that's one crazy morning!
  4. i would hate to call the cops high...
  5. Once you get fucked over a few times you will lose your desire to ever call the cops ever again for anything. Fuck the cops. I would never call the cops, especially not to my own house.

    nevertheless, glad you got out of it o.k. :)
  6. People like you are why cops hate their jobs. No hate, just sayin.' Bet it was all crazy as hell though cause you were high. :bongin:
  7. Woah sketchhh
  8. Ahaha what a buzzkill I bet when you saw those cops pull around the corner you became instantly un high
  9. buy a gun, get your license to do so. next time you think someones breaking in cock it and find out whats going on..can't rely on the cops all the time to solve your problems because they are different people and 1.) they're trained to think differently than most people and 2.) you can solve these problems this way yourself.

    at least that's how i like to stay protected.
  10. Wow. Cops actually come when you call? I never knew.
  11. so why was he bald? Or were you too baked and your vision was blurring up lol
  12. hahah, i probably would've ended up laughing my ass of once i noticed wtf just happened!
  13. Good read buddy, that's definitely a misunderstanding if I ever heard one.
  14. Um yea.. officer... there's some crazy shit going down right now... There's like.. a um... robbery or some shit
  15. dude if i were high in that situation and my house was actually getting robbed i would probably be like go robber go! rob the fuck outta my house ahha, but ay man thats not cool im callin the PO-LICE!
  16. omg thats fuckin crazy lmfao
  17. If someone came into your house with guns and beat down your girlfriend and yourself while stealing your phone/life savings/tv/computer you would not call the police?

    Ignorance is bliss.
  18. think about yoir brother. how is he feeling? did you care to ask?
  19. hahahahhahhahahhaha died at this thread
  20. Wait

    I thought you didn't know anyone that is bald?

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