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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sinori007, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and would like to share some of my experiences with weed. Let me tell u when I got the trippeiest high ever. I have been smoking 3 times a day for 3 days. On the 3rd day (super bowl party) I smoked only half a joint of who knows what (type of indica). Anyways, we made a joint and smoked it like a cigarette in the park watching people go past us when my friend is telling me "let's go" after he got a phone call from one of his other friends. Anyways, I run to the car and all of a sudden I feel like I am gonna pass out (extremely shitty). Then on the way to his apartment, everything went looking like red black and blue, kinda like infrared sensing. Then I just COMPLETELY went blind for like a minute straight. So here I am yelling, hey man I can't see. Then I somehow find his apartment feeling on the #s on the doors and shit. Then I sit in the couch, pass out 3 times. and throw up 4 times. Has anyone ever gone blind from weed b4? It was some crazy shit.
  2. i have asthma and sometimes when i take too big of a bongrip i cough so hard i see nothing but stars (or red and black). it only lasts for a couple seconds, and it's probably not too healthy for you. i steer clear from heavy bongrips these days...
    as for passing out & all sounds like maybe you weren't getting enough oxygen to the brain? or maybe you were just so stoned you were wayy out ofit.. weird,man
  3. Thanx for your replies. I never knew OJ and Milk helped u when faded. I guess it's kinda like speed. Will take note on it.
  4. one time, on holloween, we smoked with a gravity bong while in the jaccuzzi. It was nice and all, until we ogt out and i was walking like i was drunk. next thing i knew, i passed out and fell head first, slamming my head into the metal pool gate. Everyone told me that either 1-i didn't eat enoug previous to that, or i wasn't getting enough oxygen like everyone else has said. just be carful, but still have fun.
  5. Ive never passed out, threw up, or had anything really bad happen..

    the trippiest shit that ever happened (happens every now and then)

    I think everythings a cartoon...i was laughin at this kat beacuse he kinda looked like the chesire

    it's so great...but I have seen people pass out throw up, all that stuff.

    heres a suggestion....when high..go into the shower..make it so the water rushes over both your ears..water must run over both ears, close your eyes and think of the most calm place you could ever be..I personally think of rainforests..

    it's great..I'm high and just sayin stuff that don't matter..but the calm place shit you should definately try..

    peace everyone
  6. the only after affects that i can say I have are only from eating to much. Sometimes ill get up in the morning and ill just feel like im sick. I just ate to much. i need bigger gut..

  7. closing your eyes is dangerous! i usually just fall asleep when i do that :)
    yes, in the shower, sitting in the tub. it's happened before, my sis had to practically knock the door down to wake me up, woops!

    i usually go outside for a breath of fresh air, that usually does the trick.
  8. I have to say that going in the shower stoned is pretty nice cause its soooo warm, but I awlays hear stuff. Like someone calling my name, or the phone ringing. It kinda kills it cause i loose my moment of so-called-peace. but going in the jaccuzi w/ friends is cool, cause its warm, and you're with people you know. Is it just me, or does everyone respond to heat when thier stoned. I can't seem to stay wwarm, so I always have a heater on or whatever. I duno! :)
  9. jada.....I have the same problem

    when I go out stoned at night or something..

    I wear like 8 jackets...LOL

    I'm always cold when I'm stoned..don't know why

    pretty weird..
  10. Hey Bi Polar Smoker,

    Lots of times that cartoon thing happens to me. It's hard to explain what it feels like, but it mostly happens when I smoke schwagg, not so much when I smoke nugs.
  11. Schwagg is your loose weed usually associated with cheaper pot.
    A nug is basically a little ball of pot that holds itself together, thus it fits in your pipe or bong oh so well. As far as I know its just a piece of a larger Cola from the plant.
    Soapbar? I dont know
    Chronic was what people thought of as the pot that was given by doctors for medicinal purposes. But now its just thought of as really good pot. Usually because it is just the buds off the plant.
    Hope this helps a little.


  12. man that really warmed my heart knowing someone has the same experience as me! everything seems kinda fake like its a cartoon, u know its happening but dont know its happening as it is- u kinda get what im sayen? the shower thing is true only i always say things like that to my friends when im baked, my favorite was to stand up and spin in circles - we all started doing it and didnt stop for like 20 minutes it was so funny lol.

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