Craziest Experiences with the Police

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  1. Well first off, I know this can be a trippy or touchy subject, but I had to share this experience I recently had with the police.

    Me and two friends are hotboxing blunts and cruisin' around the outskirts of our home city at about 2am. Midway through blunt #3, we were headed down a road and came up to a road closed sign blockin the way and a cop with his lights on right next to it.

    being as high as we were, we were confused as fuck at what was happening and didn't know what to do. well, my friend who was driving decided to pull up about 6 feet from the cop, open the window, and ask him if we could get through or if we had to pull a u-turn on this narrow ass road. within about 5 seconds of him opening the window to talk to the cop, smoke was visible escapin the car, the air reeked of marijuana, we realized the blunt was still burning, and we found out the cop was also a k9 drug unit because the dog in the backseat started going ballistic; it was clawin, barking, and jumpin like crazy.

    somehow, despite these ridiculous circumstances, we were able to finish talkin to the cop, turn around, drive off, finish the blunt, and go on our merry way without the cop stopping us. we were all pretty much 100% sure were we getting busted that night and yet the cop somehow failed to put it all together and realize we were high as a hell.
  2. lololol, poor dog. hes all like these are the droids you are looking for!

    anyway, I once picking up a 1/8th from like a town 1 hour away, wanted to roll a J but didn't have any papers. I was only 4 min away from my house and BOOM Those lights go a flashing in my rear view mirror, SHIT!

    i pulled over and was thinking ah shit should I stash this, was in my cargo pant pocket. I decide nah hes fucking eying me like crazy hed know if I reach down some where so I put my hands on the wheel so he doesn't get suspicious.

    he walks up to me window and hes like hey, know why i stoped ya.

    and im like nahnalhdfkldkllas;ldjfkldasjf,dsfjklfjljl im ah ah ,fdklfjas;lfjd dont know.

    lol i was stumbling all over

    finally he says speeding.
    got a license?

    I hand it over, he goes ok let me check you out ok be back.

    he goes back to his car and sits down, agian im thinking shit should i stash this, but I just knew thats what he wanted, me to move in a hiding motion, so for like 15 min im just sitting there in silence.

    finally comes back up to me and says alright watch your speed and have a good day.

    thank you sir, and i pull off.

    god damn nerve racking.
  3. Seriously? I guess it's just different levels of worry between us.

    I've been pulled over a few times with mary riding along, as long as I haven't been smoking I don't worry about it. They don't pull people out of the car and search them for speeding tickets here, either. So not too worried about it.
  4. I was riding around with my bro, smoking all day long driving down to the beaches just enjoying the day. The car was full of weed, we used to be really careless about the police. Well we get into our 4th blunt and were about to make the turn to our house, but my brother says he want's to go and see if his wife is finished practice so im like ok. Soon as we get onto the main street the police pull us over and tell us the tail light was out, long story short these dumb ass cops only found a half burnt blunt and some roaches that were in a old jacket i wore that day, they didn't find the 12grams in the tin mint can, funny thing is i heard them many of times moving it around while searching the car.

    Another time couple weeks after that, while still waiting for our court case we park in this run down neighborhood and i rolled up a phat ass blunt seeing as how my bro was going to drop me off to fuck this chick after we smoked. As soon as i light the blunt who comes out of no where the police, so me still thinking about my other charge i jump out the car and hide the weed in the bushes. The cops gets out his car and say you guys cant be here so we leave.But we really wanted to smoke and that was the last of the weed.So mind you it's pitch black in the neighborhood so my bro parks the car up the road and i get out and run back to the blunt lol, while the cop was still down there but i couldn't see him. So it's dark and cold and im looking for the blunt and it's so dark i have no luck. So i run back to the car and tell my bro fuck it lets go back down there because i didn't see the cop anymore and i need the light from the car to see if i can find the blunt. I was thinking so when we went back down, I took my money out my pocket and dropped it on the ground so it would seem like i was looking for my money if the cop came back well he did come back long story short i never got that blunt back lol. But the cop found my money for me ha!

  5. That's what I thought too. I think OP is just a lil paranoid :p but its ok, cops are scary! I was pulled over one time at 3AM (i hadn't smoked for hours) but i had an 8th of ganja and some mushrooms on me. My tail light was out, but i did quickly ditch my stuff under the passenger seat when i pulled over. Good thing he didn't see me do it :smoking:

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