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  1. share the most insane drug/combination of drugs you've done in one night. nights your amazed you've survived. start with me. 1/8 of shrooms, 1/8 of weed, gram of 20x salvia, half bottle of crown royal. i'm sure i'll quickly be outdone. no exagerations please that ruins fun of it.
  2. Alright I am not proud of this night, but it was my craziest. Between me and my best mate we split 40 Robo caugh gels (the red ones) 1/8th of mids an 8 ball and half a bottle of Pernod. The night ended with us passed out cold. I woke up with my head not a foot away from the cats litter box :confused: .
  3. One night I took 20mg of xanax(10 bars) and drank a 12pack. Needless to say I was wasted. And one other is when I took about 5 bars and smoked a few hundred $'s worth of hard
  4. Dont know if i can compare to you guys!!! Once, me and two other friends had a hell of a night. We had a quarter of dank, handle of the cap'n, and 2 grams of some good yak. We were up all night bangin lines and hittin the bong...i probably had 10-12 shots throughout the night..not an amazing amount but with all the weed smoking, i puked my guts out at the end of the night!!! Next morning we woke up with no coke and .7 grams left. Everytime i even looked at the rum, it made me feel sick.
  5. Wow, I dunno. Not that long ago I combined 2 hits of acid with 1/4 of shrooms, I had a few beers and smoked a shitload of bud, and did a line of coke toward the end of the night.

    4 hits of acid alone was pretty intense.
  6. I've never done anything crazy really. One time i took 50 mgs of Adderal, smoked a 2.5g blunt, and had a bout 5 shots. I don't really remember it too well. My friends said that like every 5 minutes my high would change. Like one minute I would be barley awake and the next I would be madddd hyper like trying to clean EVERYTHING. Really wierd

  7. haha u woulda been having weird ass halucinations on acid and shrooms hahaha

  8. One time I smoked some weed. That shit was crazy.
  9. Yup. At one point during the night someone handed me a Sweet Tart. I thought maybe it was a pill so I stared at it for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what it was. I just couldn't focus enough to tell what the fuck the little pill in my hand was. I turned to my friend with a retarded look on my face and asked "What do I do?" and he said "Holy shit, man, you haven't eaten that yet? Shit, I'm hungry, give it to me"

    I didn't want to give it up, 'cause why would I give away my pill? I just tried to say something, but it didn't come out. All I said was "I....I...." and I popped my 'pill.' The next day I asked around and I finally found the person who handed it to me...they told me they didn't give me any pills, but they gave me a Sweet Tart at one point.
  10. not my craziest combination but as of 2 weeks ago i got some perscription cough syrup a bottle for 20 so me and 2 other guys split the bottle and some beer, i have to say that's the best drug i've ever done it was the best time i've ever had
  11. 2 hits of LSD, countless lines of blow (too fucked up to know exactly), unknown amount of buds, and a half 8th of shrooms.
  12. umm on four zanies 3 40's couple shots or crown royal a extasy gram of hash and eight of dank and on top of that i had to skate home (i guess according to my friends i did dont remember lol)
  13. 1/8 Mushrooms, salvia, weed, and half a 26er of Bacardi white. It was the best night ever.

    Although I ate a 1/4 of mushrooms once. I was scared shitless. I havnt done them since.
  14. seven gels of acid was the most spiritual.

    2 mollies, blueberry smoke, microdot of lsd was the most amazing.

    two oxy's and fifth of morgan and fifth of superior was the most fucked up. i still have the scar under my chin.

    three inches of hayro and a shot of k was the most internal.

    quarter of coke in one night was the scariest

    one pill of mescaline was the wierdest

    two rolls in school was the horniest!
  15. You describe that so well it makes me want to try shrooms and acid at the same time.:hello::hello:

    The craziest time I had would be smoking about an eighth of dank, drank 1/2 bottle of absinth, and popped and drank about 900mg of DXM
  16. how much absinthe was ACTUALLY in the bottle?
  17. 4 blotter hits, 8th of dank and a few beers.
  18. its kind of disappointing that this thread only got two pages worth. shucks.
  19. hahaha^^
  20. i only smoke bud and drink occasionally, so i haven't done anything too crazy.

    quarter of bud, two dozen jello shots, and a bottle each of captain and uv blue.

    im sure you could get really fucked up if you had the connections and you wanted to.

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