Craziest bitch ever!

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  1. cindybin2001 - YouTube This is her Youtube channel and you could probably click on any of her videos and see the comments and arguments she gets in against Marijuana. She takes anti-pot to a WHOLE new level! Apparently pot smokers are the scum of the earth, support drug cartels, are immature and have no moral values, and are clueless. She wants it illegal FOREVER and even wants HARSHER laws. Man she is one crazy bitch :hello: There is so much more to see! Check it out :eek:
  2. We are well aware of who the Crazy Doll Lady is :D

    I enjoy trolling her every now and then.
  3. lol i love this bitch she cracks me up!! if i could take her serisuoly...... yea i dont think thatlll ever happen
  4. HAHA really!? I just ran in to her randomly on some video.... She is freaking CRAZY. Not because she is against pot but her reasoning!
  5. I got into an argument with her about weed once. She just kept telling me how sorry she felt for me and how bad pot is. I've never seen her base anything she says off facts, only what she "feels".
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    haha ive trolled her before too. shes a creepy ass bitch.

    trolling her again now, shes so ignorant its hard not to reply to her comments
  7. She's so crazy I could mistake her for a meth head....
  8. lol dat shit cray :smoke:
  9. I don't see anything about marijuana all her videos are dolls or fucking cats
  10. Read the comments.
  11. Why don't you go shove all 18 inches of those god awful, creepy, motherfucking dolls up your ignorant, selfish, uneducated, wrinkly old ass. And don't even reply to this, you're not authorized to use the computers at mental hospitals you crazy old bitch AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
  12. This bitch is crazy, the only thing she has to say is "NO NEVER I'M A MORMON AND IT'S ILLEGALLLLLL!!!!

    Fucking cunt.

    She admits to never trying it, and knowing absolutely nothing about the herb. Yet boasts how much more grown up she is than everybody else smoking.

    She's only putting down stoners to feel better about herself. If that's what a life with no weed turns you into. I'm gonna smoke errrr god damn day!
  13. I've sent her links to some of the stuff granny storm crow posts. Told her to get a clue and do some research.

    Then she started stalking me on some of the stuff I've commented on. So I called her a stalker troll and reported her for harassment.

  14. How did she react to the facts? Call them myths and lies?:eek:
  15. Sorry bro I think I got her beat, my girlfriend..... Now she be da craziest bitch EVAR!1!
  16. Ooohhhhhhh boy.
  17. Awhile ago I threatened her by telling her I would curb stomp her and she stopped replying.

    Troll success.

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