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  1. so ive been desperately searching for a place to grow some ganj

    i found a 3 foot tall crawlspace under my house ( parents house actually )

    the dimensions are are like 20 by 20 feet ( imagine all that filled with bud LOL )

    anyways, the crawlspace was recently constructed when my dad decided to put an addition on my house. the floor is concrete and above are floor rafters about 12 or 16 inches apart ( whatever the standard is )

    i was thinking of growing in one corner with the whole floor / walls ( probably will be sturdy cardcoard or plywood on the 2 sides that arent formed by the concrete wall ) covered in black garbage bags first and then either a cloth dropcloth ( the type for painting ) or some sort of plastic crap.

    for intake and exhaust, there are these things i like to call grates in the walls of the concrete to let the air circulate to prevent mold or something. my plan is to put a few layers of window screen to block outside noticement ( word? ) and then have a like 8 inch flexible duct run into the grow room where ill have an oscillating fan at its mouth ( sorta like passive intake w/ a little help, also i think this would be better for the plants than jus blowing the air around w/ passive intake too ). as for the exhaust, ill probably put a larger fan funnelled into the biggest size ducting i can find. for the smell control of the exhaust, im probably going to line the duct with a significant amount of these "gonzo rocks" i have heard about and maybe some coal or something. the duct will then lead to another of the "grates" that lead to the outside. again, i would line this with more screen on the inside to prevent light and sound pollution.

    lights: im going to use 2 four feet long fluorescent tube fixtures. each fixture will have 2 40 watt tubes, amounting to 160 watts. these will be hung in places between the rafters so i can raise them sufficiently if i need to.

    grow method: scrog. im gonna start with 3 plants, probably 2 afghan and 1 skunk#1. ill grow them to about 8 inches then start the SCROG and veg them for a week or 2 after that, then start vegging with a lil more training and then let them bud freely.

    pots: im gonna try to find wide square pots that arent too deep to maybe have the plants root more horizontally than vertically to preserve grow space

    nutes: either none of if anything, ill try to find some correctors or decent mixes jus in case anything goes wrong

    welp thats about all i can think of right now...any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Sweet, i always wanted a crwal space when I was younger for like "forts" and hang out spots, but recently its grown to my attention how well they can serve other purposes.

    My friend ( used to be like best friend ) has a crapload in his house, and 4 in his room alone.

    2 are, I'd say, about 10x 40 feet :eek: with two smaller 5x7 with branching outlets.

    If he was enouhg into this without afraid of getting cuahgt, he could really work some wonders, since only thw two bigger ones are the only ones ever opened, and thats only around holidays BTW.

    Also, nobody old and tall would want to bend down to get in the smaller ones which is a good security meausre.
  3. haha yea, true. the way into mine is through a 3' x 1' hole in my basement wall, also the hole is about 5 feet off the ground so its a bitch and a half to get into...cant wait till i have to water the plants lol ... :(

    also, the shape of mine is very strange. when u first crawl in, the space between the floor and ceiling is proably only 1.5 feet, but then it slops down to about 3. also, it is L shaped, so i plan on growin in a corner than you absolutely cannot see from the entry point.

    any advice?
  4. Make sure you use a curtain or something with weights at the bottom to seal your area ( Thick, black, or a tarp) so that NO light escapes, NONE whatsoever.

    That all the advice I can really give
  5. yea i plan on making it the fort knox of weed
  6. you wouldnt get my pearly white ass under there,,,, im afraid of spiders,,, id shit on myself at each watering!!!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. if you dad built the extension surely he would know about the crawlspace. i mean, he basicaly created it.

    thus making it somwhat of dangerous place to grow, even if he cant access it.
  8. meh, thats what I was tihnking.

    It depends how old you are though. Also, on how cool your parents are.

    If my mom ever caught me, she wouldnt mind, i could sway her by talking about it. My dad would be kinda pissed though.

    back on topic, get some pics, I wanna see
  9. well he created it...and yea he knows its there...

    but hes not gonna be like "oh i bet someone's growing weed in here"

    plus if he never goes in it and you cant see the growspace from the access point...whats the danger?

    the only problem i forsee is smell and maybe the fans making noise...but other than that, its probably 90% safe
  10. better get a Vortex then for max airflow with the least amount of noise. Also, keep in mind that they might catch on to seeing you going down into the basement twice a day.
  11. Ahhhh...I get so tired of saying this, and I can't even remember who I have and who I haven't said it too already, but...

    Don't grow in your parents' house. Not fair to them to put them at risk of jail time. Not fair to them to use their electricity to grow while you live there for free. Wait until you have your own place to grow.
  12. that too:)

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