crashed my car weed +alcohol =/

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wunschshrek, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Well this morning apparantly making the turn into my development, i felt i could do it no problem going about 50 MPH, and just made the left and slammed into a ditch.

    The cops came and it was all good tho, i played it off on some guy i said went past me going like 90 with his high's on, and i couldnt see shit. Im surprised it went down as smooth as it did this was my first and hopefully last accident.

    I wonder how much my insurance is about to go up :mad:

    I learned a very valuable lesson tho, i am not invincible and I need to calm the F down when im driving.
  2. wrecking your car sucks ... I crashed the back end of mine into a fence on the first day of my senior year of HS ... everyone always asks "How the hell do you hit a fence with the back of your car?" >>> I never thought it was that hard to understand I was about to hit the fence with the front but I turned the wheel and hit with the back instead ... eh what do I know

    My bumper-bumper cover-and left tail light were left on the ground five feet behind the car that cost $500 to fix plus a $200 fee from the court and $80 driving school ... I'm glad that's all behind me:rolleyes: damn neighbor called the cops -- the people whose fence it was didn't even care ... they where helping me load the pieces into the trunk so I could leave when the cops showed up ... I got a lot of shit for that one

    Edit - I hope your car isn't messed up ...
  3. dont drink and drive u moron
  4. i crashed my brothers ford bronco a parking meter then flew and hit a planter that was supporting the tree payed 500$ for the accident not including my damages
  5. indeed
  6. was it the s-type you crashed? we have an s-type, gettin the XK8 soon though, awesome cars
  7. What's the damage on your Jag?
  8. wrong car to drink and drive in bud...
  9. Yea, Im against drunk driving its just too dangerous and dumb. Your insanely lucky alot of times for accidents they look for signs your drinking or on a drug. You could have been in some deep shit.
  10. Badass car man, sucks to hear that. Last night I rode in the car with a new dealer and he was drunk and high and was mobbin crazy. He went like 100 down a neighborhood street. I am glad I am alive.

    jah bless
  11. Did it spray coins everywhere? Cuz that'd be cool!!! lol

    But yeah, don't drink and drive bro :-/
  12. Yeah I learned a great lesson, not sure what I was thinking -- somehow I thought I could just take a 90 degree left turn going about 50. I am not sure what the damage is yet im waiting on monday to call the body shop, insurance is going to cover it but who knows how much my monthly is going to go up.

    But yeah overall I learned a valuable lesson, and it could have been a lot worse atleast no one got hurt, i just felt like an asshole when my neighbor walked out and i had his lawn all tore up =p
  13. Yeah it was =(. Truly an awesome car, I have the v8.

    Emrandel -- Damages ended up being 3500, I have to pay a 500 deductable and im still wondering how much my monthly insurance bill is about to go up.

    Once again I learned a huge lesson, and im happy I learned it this way instead of me hitting another car or hurting some innoncent person which could have ruined my life and their's /family.

    Learn from my mistakes, don't drink and drive, and if you do, don't speed and try to race everyone like an idiot :eek: I would never have crashed if I didnt go about 130 past another car on the wrong side of the road.... God I still can't beleieve I did that. .... I am trying not beat myself over it since its all over and done with and I can't go back in time, but I really wish I could give myself a good ass-kicking for that.

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