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  1. I use to ride my dirtbike over powerline trails and any wear else I could get it to go one day I was high as fuck racin down the trails when I met a bunch of other riders on 2000 series bikes They challenged me to a race I picked the corse The trail is called the crash pad nobody has ever taken this trail on and made it through goin over 30 miles a hour cause it twisted turned had mudholes deeper then the bikes and damm near stait up climbs on rocks and sand We took a practice lap then hit the trail full on I started in front got passed on the strait aways and retook the lead in the mudhole I have a 74 suzuki 185 with a torque gear versin 3 suzuki 125 with majer powerbands I new it would come down to the hill climb but I just said fuck it and pushed the bike harder then it should be pushed wear goin along about 70 till the s turns came up they slowed down I hit 5th gear and jumped strait over the center sections we got through thier and it came to the hill as thier powerbands made them fastter on the flats it just dug a grave on this hill I raced up the hill spitting gravel all over them as I cleared the top I raced for the finish line but as I got to the line the one other bastard that made the hill rammed my back wheel and I got thrown I won the race but then I needed to get a new rear rim handle bars and a shifter the kid really fucked my bike up I got fixxed a week later and went racin again My bike was fucked but I walked away without a scratch.
  2. Hodaka Super Rat. Would climb a tree if you could stay on it. Was riding trails with a friend one day, the Rat would take him on open ground. He was buzzing down a trail thru some trees, I was chasing, lots of dust in my face, the full face helmet had just showed up at that time, so it goggles, and rocks in the face. I was just grabbing 4th, blowing thru that dust impairing my vision to about 15 ft. Just e'nuff time to see him stopped in the trail, (he'd lost his footpeg) before I smacked him. I may have flown farther in my life, but I doubt it. The flying was'nt so bad, the earth-sky-earth-sky-earth-sky-earth-sky part was'nt really that fun. Nuthing to major done to me. Bike needed new front forks.
  3. I've heard of the super ratt its a damm good bike but you probally had the stock set up when I got my bike it had the
    47 tooth tourqe sroket

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