Crappy whiskey -> Worth Drinking?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Yaysatan101, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I have a bottle of some shit whiskey. "Early Times", comes in a plastic bottle.
    Thinking about making some green dragon with it, but I've never made it before.
    Will making it into green dragon make it worth drinking?
  2. ewwwwwwww

    but that's just me
  3. yea fuck wiskey. rum or tequila is where its at

  4. Bacardi gold
  5. Just mix it with coke or dr pepper and smoke the bud.
  6. Well I'm also trying to smoke less cuz I wanna take it easy on my lungs.. And I've never tried it before so i wanna see how it turns out.
    Or not worth it?
  7. +rep i like your style haha
  8. shitty whiskey's usually don't mix well.

    just shoot it.

  9. It's "imbibe-able"(as my friend would call it) after I mix it with oj, limeade and a little powdered sugar.
    Found the recipe online as a "louisville cooler" : ]
  10. Do you drink whiskey for the taste or just to get drunk? I loathe the taste of all alcoholic beverages but it doesn't matter because I just drink the shit to get a buzz going.
  11. Just drink it and get shit faced, simple as that.
  12. ahhh i know what you mean man i had some whiskey called georgia moon that came from a jar not a bottle but a jar lol i would say to save it for when u dont have shit to do and then youll actually feel like drinking it- whats green dragon?
  13. If you drink for pleasure, you're not gonna get much out of that. But if you wanna just get pissed, do what I do and just down it, get it over with, taste be damned. :)
  14. It's THC alcohol.

  15. Usually just to get drunk.
  16. i love a little bottle of barretts, gets me that perfect buzz.
  17. I'd say crappy whiskey is worth drinking. IMO it's a lot better than other cheap liquor. Yeah its still gonna be nasty and not smooth like jack or jameson but it still tastes like liquor. Cheap vodka and the like just tastes like rubbing alcohol to me. And you can always mix it down enough to make it bearable.

    As for green dragon, I would go with a higher proof, at least some 151. But I've never made it so I can't really give to much input on that.

  18. This whiskey tastes like wood chips.
    And I'm wondering if green dragon is worth making??
  19. Probably not since it takes a while and you probably want to get drunk.

  20. I love getting drunk and stoned : ]

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