Crap weed...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Xavior, May 28, 2003.

  1. Im poundering whether or not to smoke it....its supposedly 'mids', but it looks more like swag to me, this is whats left over from a half....'bottom of the bag' - the problem with this stuff is that it smells like nothing, and it only gets u high after like 10 bowls :p

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  2. looks like some oregano with seeds and stems
  3. i wouldnt be suprised...cept im fucking high as shit right now - somethin magic happen
  4. I've had some bad stuff but I don't think I've ever had anything that looks that bad.
  5. lol sux :'( but im still high - its wierd
  6. I am cracking up right now, everyone's like:

    "man. thruthfully, that shit is the worse shit I have ever seen"
    "I have had some bad shit, but man thats really crappy"

    OMG, I think, that is really some horrible weed man. damn.
  7. it's just a pile of shake and seeds why wold you smoke that
  8. cuz it got him high.....

  9. must have been that laced shit, I love it...
  10. 70 a half i think
  11. that looks like chicken feed

  12. wow... people are assholes now days... Maybe it got him high cuz it was weed and it had THC in it....

    I dont get whats so funny about the situation were u have to make a rude comment every time u post on this thread

  13. :) :)_
  14. Looks pretty bad. I would just do it anyway. No point in throwing it away
  15. Hell yeh - whats so bad about laced stuff anyways? I think I want to try laced shit....they wouldnt just lace it unless it fucked you up good.

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