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crap weed in england

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by johneym1, May 18, 2010.

  1. this is the shit weed in derby england and they want £200oz they taking piss thats y im growing my own my picks 001.jpg
  2. im shocked....i was under the impression that some of the most potent weed was grwon in england. cool that your startin a grow though. What are the marijuana laws in the UK? strict? war on drungs style or more laidback?

    just curious by would love to visit someday with the woman
  3. The weed we get in northwest is pretty damn good, alot of well known strains around if you go to the right people. But i guess everyplace is different.

    As laws go, cannabis is now a class B (ranges from C - least illegal to A - most illegal) you can get jail time for personal posession and longer jail time for intent to supply but iv not heard of many convictions even now its a class B. quite a few of my mates have been cought with weed (only personal amounts) and its just been confiscated, names taken etc but no further action taken or even a letter. So i dont know, Its abit sketchy but theres not really that much risk unless your growing. Iv seen a few helli's going over the estates recently with heat camera's on checking for grow houses so dno they might be cracking down on it. also a mate of mine was growing when it was back at a class C and he had 4 plants and all they did was cut them up and give him a warning and put him in the books and they also mentioned (the police) that if he had had over 5 plants then he could have been done for intent to supply (no idea how you can get away with 4 plants on personal :s) so yeah.
  4. all very it was a class C then was changed by parliment to a class B? sounds like a crackdown to me. is that a misdemeanor or a felony? i got a felony charge here in the states for 14 grams

    as far as the heat camera goes....i dont understand why that much effort would be put into busting a guy with 3 or 4 plants. just doesnt compute for me lol

    thanks for the info...always cool to know the inner workings and laws of our european neighbors

  5. When i saw my friend in england, he showed me the BEST weed i have ever smoked, even better than the good ol stateside.

    The stuff in england (provided u dont buy skunk, which is cheap street weed that is over fertilized and dumped with other chemicals while growing to make it toxicly proven to be brain rottingly potent.) is AMAZING!!! Such good cured bud and smells so good.

    I figured theyre more about sativa and hazes in the UK but we get all the indicas out here in the US i think cos of medical dispensaries, it just spreads out past that to the whole nation.

    ALSO - i didnt like the laws in england. They are much MORE strict. I feel very paranoid if im out with weed on me, or if im outside smoking.

    It goes like this as i believe:

    Warning for first time offenders if caught consuming for personal use

    up to 3 year jail sentence if ur caught a second time

    5 years in jail if caught selling.

    Marijuana has recently moved from a class C 'drug' to a class B meaning the consequences for possession have become greater than what it was.
  6. all i can say is sorry bruh. The weed and gun laws suck in England. Just fight the powers that be and pray for the best.
  7. I dont really know countrywide mate but where i am both indica and sativa are very present and you choose what you want, usually the dealers deal in one or the other and not usually both so depends who you go to you usually know what your going to get. and yes if you get "skunk" off the wrong people its going to be sprayed to shit but apart from that we usually get a good handfull of weed, We did go through a massive haze phase just abit before christmas but now we seem to be getting a different strain everyday, had a load of different ones recently (white widdow, ak47, big al', snow white, cheese, northern lights, jack herrer and more that i cant remember) so yeah all in all pretty good, as for laws iv been cought with weed twice and never even had a letter home or anything on paper. just crushed on the floor and names taken but nothing followed up. Nor have any of my mates.
  8. Oh and as for it being reclassified to a class B, its not a crackdown its just our failiure of a priminister (gordon brown) when he just got put in power trying to show people that hes "trying to make changes" but thats all he really did and now hes resigned. I dont really think much has changed since its been reclassified and recently theyve stopped going after people for posession and theyre going after the "big time" growers. (and as for my mate being cought, it wasn't from the heat cameras it was because hes an idiot and he was growing it in his backgarden in view of his neighbours i was just using the heat camera as an example that theyre trying to look for growers more now :) if that gives any insight on our laws i hope so.

  9. Bro take a trip to Notts :devious: its not too far from you, we get the peng! :D
    Infact i'll take pics of the grapefruit i'm getting later.:wave:
  10. ahhh i see....generally not a good idea to grow in your exposed back yard that is idiotic hahaha

    and basically ya got the same thing goin over there ( to a certain extent) that we do here. dumb politicians and the like.

    very informative, thank you sir +rep

  11. Skunk hasn't really been proven as such, skunk is just weed; don't believe the papers.

    And even though it's class B, I think they have 3 warnings for possession before you get jail time or whatever. Some people caught with personal grows get off with a warning or fine, IMO the laws are much better than in the US.

  12. This. Just because it's skunk doesn't mean it's been treated. It's all cannabis. Although I can grant you the fact that they're is herb out there that's been fucked with, just because it's skunk, doesn't mean it has.

    If you don't get good weed, you just don't know the right people. There is good quality herb everywhere.
  13. Agreed, Good weed is present anywhere you just gotta know the right people, And yeah skunk is just a generalization for high end weed that people dont know the name of the strain (generally).
  14. Maybe its because you live in derby :D

    As somebody else said, up north around yorkshire we get good shit :smoking:

    But really, there's always shit dealers in nearly every town/city, you just gotta find the good stuff.
  15. Ju:smoking:st picked up that grapefruit i mentioned, just need to take some pics then i will post them.

  16. Listen to this person, i live in notts and get some really really nice stuff :)

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