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crankz's corner

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by crankz, Apr 7, 2015.

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    Looking for suggestions on hanging my light bars in the tent. Here's what the top of the inside looks like:
    Came w/ 2 cross-bars that just sit on the frame / don't lock in place.

    I can't decide if I want to get adjustable string hangers like in my box, or if I even need something like that given I'm just using the tent to start plants and veg for a few weeks. (Tent is 3ft tall).

    Should probably mention I'm building a skeleton from PVC to mount the three bars on so they all function as one unit. I'll post some pictures of that once I actually finish it.

    Work in progress (almost done). Just need to fasten the light clips to the frame and add some points to hang from:

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  2. The ratchet rope hangers are pretty convenient. You may not end up adjusting light height much, but when you do, they make it easy...

    I'd pry use aluminum angle for frame, but pvc should be fine. Light bars aren't really heavy.
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  3. Yeah - thinking ratchet hangers attached to a couple carabiners at the two ends of the long cross-bar should do it.

    These bars are like 4lb each so no issue with PVC.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I put shelving in my tent back here
    Works great up top for hanging stuff from, and keeping the walls from sucking in.
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  5. That looks great! If/when I graduate to a big tent I'm totally stealing that idea!
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  6. That's super-helpful - thanks!

    I'm gonna design 4 tie-down points per plant site into my starter reservoirs. My scrog net in the cab has a ton around the bottom so figure I'll go for 4 mains per plant in the veg-tent. Not sure if I'll go to 8 mains each in the cab.

    I'm going to let the tips get to poking 2-3" thru the screen, then supercrop and tuck back under. Similarly to this grow gonna flip to 12/12 once my screen is ~80% full and use the first week of stretch to fill that last 20%.
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  7. Table will be 4x4

    My Grow
    AlliDoIsTalkYay's 600W COB Grow
  8. Thankz for the link crankz! I couldn't picture the condensate pump hooked up so the pic made sense to me. Will allow me to put the table a lot lower!

    My Grow
    AlliDoIsTalkYay's 600W COB Grow
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  9. 1" over 4ft will get you about 1.5° - that'll still be plenty to have water flow downhill.
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  10. Well I lost 3 plants.....powdery mildew fucking sucks. Skunk 1 velvet bud and gorilla bomb all got it. Chopped them down and burnt them in a hell fire. Old sofa and recliner with some gas and poof....
  11. Fuck powdery mildew in its sporeacious ass
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  12. Damn, that blows! Sorry to hear, man!
    The trials and tribulations...
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  13. Yeah been a shit year for me. From poachers chopping my shit down to me having no choice but to chop some down myself. Sucks a big fat donkey dick really.
  14. Yeah, it's pretty simple. You'll know exactly what's up once you get a pump. It doesn't even have to be under the table. Table just had to be high enough to plumb drain line to the tank of the pump.
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  15. But I can't risk fucking around with them 3 to spread to the other 4. I guess sometimes we have to make tough choices or risk everything for nothing.
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  16. Now time to Google powdery mildew bullet proof plant strains.
    Edit. Probably make a thread on just that. See who knows what strains are in fact immune to it.
  17. Sucks when things go to shit, but I always try and maintain the perspective that there's plenty of others that have things way worse going on.
    Helps cope...
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  18. heres some Nocturnals from Sanctuary Gardens, pheno hunting and some black cherry punch from inhouse genetics, figured I get at least 1 girl each..have a great week guys

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  19. This girl better not go to shit. I'd be bummed. Only thing I got going...


    Pry flip next week sometime
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  20. indoors or out?
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