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Cranium Wreck PICS Medi Pickup *New*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GreyMatterTripp, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. :wave: Hi there GC, I haven't posted a pick up in a while because I've been so busy at work, I've been picking up some killer shit too. I decided to snap a few shots of this CraniumWreck that I picked up from Doctors Orders. This herb is delcious and has the classic trainwreck smell with a hint of an unidentifiable sweet spice. The taste matches, with a trainwreck overtone followed by a unique and quite lovely sweet spicy taste that lingers on the pallate for like 5 minutes after you exhale. Quite nice. The high is a good mix of both body and cerebral effects. Overall this herb is a 9.5/10. I'll be posting the GrapeWreck I picked up at the same time when I get a second to do so, so look out.






  2. Now that is some frosted bud. I'd smoke that any day, sweet pick up GMT :smoking:
  3. always comin thru with pics of the headiest stuff around and crazy new hybrid strains. Good stuff man.
  4. I don't even wanna look at these medi pickup threads anymore.

    They just piss me off. lol

    Looks like some super chronic
  5. Thanks bro, much appreciated.

    LOL, and it is.

    It is tasty and stoney, especially out of the vape.
  6. Bump for pure frosty goodness.
  7. I know wat u mean...

    That shit looks fucking nice, very nice pick-up :smoking:
  8. Nice pick up, and nice smoke report. Good for you.:wave:
  9. Thanks guys :D :smoking:
  10. wow that is beautiful haha.

  11. thats exactly what i was thinking all this thread does is make me crave what i can't have that looks so bomb have fun you are a lucky guy :smoking:
  12. dank and frosty. nice
  13. beautiful
  14. Can you put up a measurement of how much you got.. Or take another picture with a quarter, damn tho, lookin super dankkkkkk mine not so much:(
  15. oh my god!!! amazing
  16. Yeah lol that does look like some superchronic.
  17. Those buds look phenomenal.. I can only imagine what vaping them must be like. Good shit man :smoke: That is a great setup as far as smoking material and smoking equipment goes
  18. This is an eighth.

    Thanks every body, it is a good setup thanks slip.

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