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Crackling/popping bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gavelus, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Sometimes I will go to a dispensary near me and buy some bud that will sometimes crackle a bit when I smoke a bowl.

    My best friend who's a Key MED employee said that if this occurs my weed has chemicals in it. After looking online, I didn't really come across any articles describing crackling as a side effect, and my weed doesn't seem to portray any of the other side effects described (like harshness).

    I don't doubt my best friend's expertise, but I just want to know if my bud crackling/popping periodically is something I should be worried about.

  2. Sparking and crackling when smoking is from over-fertilized buds that are fed with water soluble nutrients and not flushed properly. It is caused by the excess phosphorous still stored in the plant material.

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  3. That makes sense, as the dispensary has rather dense bud cause they were getting complaints of their product being too dry.

    Considering this, is it in any way detrimental?

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  4. Should not be a problem, just not as smooth tasting as clean buds.

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  5. Your friend is right.
  6. I personally wouldn't buy from that dispensary. Excess phosphorus could mean they used phospho load. That shit is nasty and has been linked to some bad things.
  7. Well the dispensary is pretty renowned and has outstanding reviews. I feel if this were the case surely someone else would've picked up on it. Not saying you're wrong, just never considered the likelihood of this.

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  8. Happens to me too. Not after every hit from a bowl, only the first one or two (mainly after big hits). There are multiple reasons this could happen: the weed is dry, or has stems and seeds in it, or tiny pieces of flint from the lighter are falling into the bowl and causing it to crackle.

    If you feel a normal high I wouldn't worry too much about it man :D
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  9. If it happens with weed grown in soil....its probably bugs or maybe herme'd plants with small seeds

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