Crackling Medicine?

Discussion in 'General' started by Friday420, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ok, so one of the perks of being a patient is the fact that so many people (ie. growers) love to donate their product to try and lure you into being a patient of theirs. This to them I have found in most perspectives, is due to money and prestige vs. just good old samaritan-ism. (Growing for compassion instead of profit)

    With that said...I recieved a lovely little green package today from a (friend). Blah blah blah, yadi yadi yadi, it was a 1/2-O of some very tasty bud. Darker green in color than your average "flourescent green" chronic. Jammed packed, and I mean it, with red hairs your ex-g/f would b jealous of! to the point...THE SHIZNIT CRACKLES WHILE SMOKING!!!

    Not in a bad way but in a 4th of July sparkler kind of way.........but???...WHAT IS IT? DOES ANYONE KNOW? Is this a new kick like the flavorings now? I ask becuz I couldnt ask this donor personally. I know YOU know! =) Have a good one...Savvy?


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