Crackling bud.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cyric99, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering what causes bud to 'crackle' when you smoke it. Some people say it is because the bud was not flushed properly during harvest, and the ferts and causing it. Others disagree.

    Anyone have a definite answer?
  2. Wrong forum, this here is for growing.
  3. Seeds make a 'popping' noise when smoked.
  4. I am going w/ seeds as well. JOE>
  5. I know seeds pop... but I am talking about an actual "crackling". They are two different sounds. :p

    Anyway, I'm just asking for one of my friends on another forum that wanted to know.
  6. i think it is when it is too dry

  7. Is the bud wet?
  8. Haha,i had some shit like that a couple months ago, everytime you spark a bowl, it litterely sparks ha, flint lighter type stuf..WEIRD you could smoke so much and never get stoned ha
  9. always thought seeds intensified the crackling and kinda fizzing sound.
  10. Probably caused by the bud being a little wet. Nothing to worry about.
  11. Actually, the opposite.

    Think about a log on a fire. If a log is still wet, it crackles and pops. Bud does the same thing.
  12. ive been smoking wetter bud lately and it doesnt make a sound when you smoke it..its very smooth...i think it might be the actual bud that you're burning...seedpods (not seeds), small pieces of stem etc
  13. lol ive only had weed that poped once. it was so crazy cause i had no idea this could happen but it didnt pop when i smoked it but i would tap the side of my bowl with my lighter and every time it would spark and pop. it was some crazy shit to see esepcially high.
  14. why do people ask questions like this? come on... common sense. use your head.
  15. it's just a little pocket of moisture that expands and pops
  16. I've had some drrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy ass shit before. And it crackled...I've definitly heard the cracking of wet bud too (i.e. torch on a bongwater doused bowl).

    But bud can get very dry and crackle.
  17. I'm going with a hermi plant that at the end of its life it tries to produce seed , but it only ends up with very tiny little fake seeds (tiny and white). they crackel . that a bud and crusjh it up fine and carefulll between ur fingers and u'll probably find some.
  18. you guys are crazy. tons of things crackle when they burn, not just marijuana buds. get over it.
  19. could it be from nutes that didn't get flushed properly... ?

  20. :hello: LMFAO WE're crazy LOL, Read the question the member asked.He was talking about marijuana, not a ton of other things that crackle. MMmm the crazy one?

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