Crackhouse shutdown!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BayRidgeNYC, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ok so there was this place near my house that i used to go to almost every single day
    it was in bay ridge and you walk in and get whatever you need
    everyone refered to her as grandma
    too bad they raided the place though
    she had the best regs i have ever seen

  2. man shut the fuck up
  3. Haha you're first post on this site has been epic!
  4. oh shit man tht sucks
    i called my dealer said he knew the place
    never ben to bay ridge tho, but am in NY, damn
  5. That's like being the smartest kid with down syndrome.
    so true man
  7. rep for makeing me lol
  8. Lol, but he may refer to regs as weed, i dunno, maybe the people around his place have that kind of lingo?
  9. Possibly. But everywhere I've ever been regs is always referred to as garbage weed.
  10. LMAOoOoO :smoking:
  11. Since it's in NYC the 'regs' are probably as good as the 'beasters' most of you get. Weed is mad expensive is NYC, but the quality is also great. So crappy mids/regs have nowhere to go. So if he's saying they're good I'll believe they were nice, and probably a nice price for the city too.

    Too bad she got shut down man, I never been out to Bay Ridge but it doesn't surprise me there was a big op like that out there.

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