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    So, I was enjoying the nice weather on Monday, went out for a skidoo ride.

    Fired up the '94 MXZ 470 SkiDoo, and went out to find some snow drifts.

    Well I found a BEAST, at least 6ft high and a couple of metres wide, I looped around, throttled it, and almost maxed out, going about 110 km/hr.

    Well, turns out there was an ice build up half way through the fuckin' thing. So I was thrown to the left, but the sled kept going, slowly dying down 'cause the throttle wasn't being pulled.

    I rolled probabally 7 times, and came to and my helmet was lying next to me and the sled was about 30 feet away.

    Yes the helmet was strapped, and it was STILL done up lying next to me?

    Sled was FINE, I smoked my rib on my left side right under my nipple on the handlebars on my way off.

    So, it hurts to breathe, walk, cough, etc. Even DRUM! Man... drumming is my favorite passtime, and all I can do is sit around and play 360 and read. Can't work out... damnit all anyways.

    Sorry, no pics, other than a bruise on my nipple and a banged up forehead, no x-rays, no picture of the snowdrift or sled.

    I'm not going out to that drift for a while, let alone for a picture haha.

    On the bright side?....

    It was sunny out.
  2. One excuse to get baked and play a lot of video games:D
    That sucks though, get better soon man.:smoke:
  3. Yeah I'll probabally just make tea later, even inhaling too much or exhaling too much is just excruciating. Let alone coughing after an excessively large bong toke lol.
  4. At least your Achievement points will sky rocket.

    And seriously, reading? Fuck that. I cant focus on walls of text baked.
  5. I take it laughing hurts pretty bad to?
  6. Lmao it's kinda funny, 'cause I laugh and it hurts but I laugh more because it hurts to laugh, thus I laugh more... and it hurts more. It's a vicious cycle.
  7. Lol yeah I just need some more games to get my acheivement points up.

    Lately I've been playing more SNES, PS1, Genesis, and Game Gear :) Haha.

    Yeah I love reading books while baked, not non-fiction mind you.

    My favourite authors are John Major Jenkins, Terrence Mckenna, Chris Rutkowski, and Giorgio Samorini.
  8. Very nice:smoking:

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