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crab meal fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by killerbeese, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, i am currently going over my 2nd grow but the last time i got lucky and all i had to do was bloom and theres not much to that lol. anyways i have 2 plants in 13 1/2 quart pots, one is 10inches with 6 nodes and the other ones only 5inches preatty small. I have been waiting on my new job since nov. i am one more month away and really dont have the exrra money to spend to help my grow =(.

    The oldest plant has been growing for almost a month now.. it seams like it should be a lil bigger by now, growing it with a 400wattlight, .. So to my main question, can i use crab meal as fertilizer i dont have anythign else atm =/ i have just been watering them other than the stuff that was in the free bag of scotts soil my buddy gave me so.. Anyways I heard its really good for plants but i have no idea can anyone help me please:D

    also i plan to start a journel soon so i cant get some pictures going.
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    Whats this tea you speak of?

    Yeah thanks, i worked in a small plant this summer that made it so i grabed a couple bags of the fine shell, i reamber my coworker telling me it was good for plants, but since i only have 2 plants i didnt wanna do anything to harm them withought knowing thanks again =)
  3. just look up organic tea on GC, its basically where you take the crab meal and make a "tea bag" with crab meal inside it, let it soak in water for "x" amount of time , then use the water to water your plants

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