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  1. ya. i seen that too. the dry ice seems safer and just as good
  2. Thats crazy, at work I've been playing with the stuff for the past 3 days (since I figured it out)

    We fill CO2 tanks.. So I fill some really full... Then I made an attachment so it leaks out.

    So do we all know that gases can be compressed into liquids at high pressures? Well, the CO2 is liquid inside the tanks, so when I open teh valve on my attachment, it shoots out liquid.. Not only that, but some of it forms as dry ice. So I spray it into a bottle or cup until it fills up.. Then I put water in it and watch as it fogs and bubbles.

    Today, I gave it to a friend and told him to spray another coworker. He was taking a shit in teh bathroom, and we sprayed him.. ITs basicly like a fire extinguisher going off. Sounds and looks the same.

    Fucking amazing
  3. sounds nuts. could be dangerous. i'd love to use them as mini bombs to scare the shit out of friends... or for movies
  4. Geez, we seem to have a veritable Anarchist's Cookbook going on here! And I'm oddly pleased... :cool:
  5. wait how do you do this, and what do you put in the pepsi and where do I get it?? I love these kinds of things
  6. they used dry ice and probably water, if you put in alcohol and chlorine in a 2 LITER BOTTLE(important, that other kid probably get owned by the 1liter with way to much chemical in it and was burned) and throwing it should be enough for it to shake and it will explode momentairyly, if your trying to hurt someone(hahahaha) use a mason jar and it will explode with intense power and VERY thick glass sharpnels, like it could blow through the bottom of a soda machine
  7. I'm doing this today or probably tomorrow when it's dry and warm outside haha people won't care crazy stuff always is happening's a college town.
  8. That's a nice fucking neighborhood. That one house is HUGE!
  9. haha taht's awesome!

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