cowboys and indians

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    One day an indian scout party comes across a cowboy. they capture him and bring him back to camp to meet the cheif, who would then decide the man's fate.
    The cheif looks him up and down, and tells him, "since we feel sorry for the white man and the things they do to us, we will give you three wishes, one per day. third day, you die".
    The cowboy wishes to see his horse right away. the horse is brought to him and the man whispers in his ear, slaps his ass and sends him runnin. two hours later, the horse returns with a naked blonde. the blonde and the cowboy retreat to a teepee, while the indians shake their heads and say, "silly white man only think of one thing."
    The second day, the cowboy wishes for his horse again. whispers in his ear, slaps his ass, same deal. two hours later the horse returns with a naked redhead, who promptly follows the cowboy into his teepee. once again the indians shake their heads, "dumb white man die tomorrow and STILL only think of one thing."
    The third day comes, and the cowboy asks for his horse yet again. this time, taking his ears in his hands, twisting them and pulling the horses head close to his, yelling into its ears...

    "POSSE I SAID! can't you understand me idiot! P-O-S-S-E!!"
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