Cow Shit Mushrooms

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  1. A friend of mine told me this process, just wanted to run it by all of you.

    1) Find a cow pie with the right type of shroom growing out of it.

    2) Put it in a bucket, cover it with ceran wrap, put it in the dark.

    3) Every day, mist water under the ceran wrap.

    Do I need to expose them to sunlight every now and again?
    Will this even work at all?
  2. yeah dude. make sure you spore print that. wrong mushroom = death, or really shitty experience for the next 40 hours or so.
  3. actually the death shrooms generally dont grow in cow pies.
    it's pretty easy to tell what's what. just make sure they all bruise blue
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    which mushrooms do i eat for the 40hr+ trip?

  5. Some mushrooms that contain no psilocybe can bruise blue also.Mushroom are not pretty easy to identify as you could have one Strain of mushroom that looks exactly like another.Way to tell is to take a spore print and you have to know what your doing in order to read the spore print.
  6. i guess i just got lucky those 5000 times
  7. Can anyone verify that the topic makers idea would work???? Seems too easy.
  8. you can verify it by visiting the aformentioned site

  9. I did a quick looksy at shroomery and couldn't find anything on the cow shit method.
  10. liberty caps would be the active ones growing in cow shit, but its easier to find them through a connect. Dont hunt and think you have the right thing unless you really know.
  11. there is no method. you take the shit, the shrooms get bigger, the end. no water, no plastic, nothing

  12. Great. Will they grow in the dark? (I know, it's kinda a stupid question, but I've heard fungi can grow with no light. It doesn't make any sense to me, but hey, I'm no mycologist.)
  13. *sigh* go fuckin read shroomery
  14. I don't think they need much light.. if any. I am not sure however. Just be careful if you are hunting not to get shot at by the farmers !!! Also.. don't eat the wrong ones.

    No 40 + hr trip... he meant 40 hours of digestive discomfort... cramps vomiting possible death.

  15. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to give me those simple words of encouragement.

    But seriously, what's the need to be an asshole here? I mean, I could see if I had said something inflammatory, but I didn't.

    Yes, I could probably find the answers elsewhere on the internet. As a matter of fact, 99% of the questions asked here at GC can be found on the net.
  16. Hey I hug,he was just trying to ask a simple questoin.Yet you have a valid point.I know its not like you to be nice to everyone but every once in a great while you could.
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    hmm, did he suggest that if you want to grow shrooms? why don't you just hit the field (with an experienced shroomer, of course) and scope out some that are already grown. seems easier than scooping up the whole patty and all that other mess.

    whoa, that'd be too long for me! i'm mentally and physically drained after 8-10 hours of a good trip.
  18. For real. Why try to simulate the environment with a piece of cow shit in your closet? If your looking for shrooms on shit go out to some cow fields and make sure to flip the patties over. Some of the shrooms grow down under it instead of up into the air. also look in more wooded areas.

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