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  1. So, the grow spot i found is perfect- no people, good soil and good light excpt its possible for cows to get to it. The spot is back off their trails in heavy brush but, if they wanted to bad enough, they could fuck w/ em. Is there anything i can do short of building a fence? and if i did have to make one, whats the best way? any help is appriciated
  2. I don't think they'd go to the trouble of going in to the bush. They already have their food and it probaly isn't fresh grass akin to nettles (mj). Just use some animal hunting repellant and it will be fine. You can use some fishing line if possible to scare them away if they ever tried to go near too. But cows are herbivorous and do eat grass (like horses, deer) but if they have plenty of food, they probably won't disturb your precious herb. :D
  3. yeah. the brush is thick enough to be difficult for people. i was just hoping cows dont go nuts when the smell the dank aroma and try to eat it(seriously). still gonna try the fishing line and repelant, i'd really hate to find nubs a week from pickin. would liquid fence work?
  4. yeah I never used it but you can use something like that to double check. If they ate their fill ,they won't mess with your plants. I had some near horses for a transitory spot (a few days). I was caught with day rising and had to leave them there. When I came back at 10 am, a few horses were around the plants but just curious (no brush, just there), but they didn't touch it when they could have because I left it there for 2 days (with buds on). They're not used to that type of grass. If it's a good spot, I say yes. The cows will prevent people from going there. The fishing line (if needed?!) and the repellant will work fine.
  5. thx for the insight man. makes me feel a little better b/c this spot is sweet and i'd hate to scrap it.
  6. thx for the insight man. that makes me feel a little better because this spot is sweet and i'd hate to scrap it
  7. i wouldn't be too comfy with it
    i work with cows all the time
    haven't tested them on this plant but there's just no telling what might happen. lying on or walking over the plants would not help your crop.
    if there's any way they could get to the plants, and they take it into their heads to do so, something like fishing line wouldn't stop them but it might injure them.
    i get the feeling these aren't your cows or land. anything that risks injuring the animals could possibly get you in a bunch of trouble. if you don't know the landowner, its possible they might be the sort to think that your plants' presence alone could be putting the cows at risk (should they be found)
    i'd be looking outside the fence lines, unless you could set up some hot (electrical) wire around your patch, or your really sure your smell or other deterrents will work as you envision

    good luck
  8. yeah. i'll deffinetly still take measures to keep em away but it prolly wouldnt hurt to scout a lil more....
  9. the other thing i forgot to mention is to keep a sharp eye for a bull, if any
    or other guarding animals which might be around
  10. if all your eggs are going in this one basket, i'd be nervous without a reliable hot-wire to keep the beasts away
  11. Nice input Corey Lahey You know the cow business! Fishing line was just an idea. It wouldn't be cool to hurt the cows though. Lol.
  12. Or take a red cape.

  13. deep shit, QFT
  14. thanks corto
    those toreadores make it look easy...being in a field with a bull that regards you as a threat can be terrifying. even a bull that's just playing can make the heart race. they're like a more-agile rhinoceros. the only good news is they won't be biting you
    love the cattle. tremendous creatures
  15. I'll take your word on that one, Corey! Brrrr, scary f-kers!
  16. Never had problems with a bull. I've had problems with cows, breaking free from there fences and them being on the road.

    I was lucky and I just turned..was doing like 30 and stoped before hitting them, then the dissapeared into the and my buddies got out, and where looking around, and there was a farmer, he explain they got out and we asked if he needed help. he ran into the corn after them and we thought we had seen was crazy! we went in the corn to look for em, saw the trails and then they stoped and no cows..

    We where so high!
  17. Spot has been more cows :D

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