COViD parenting failure?

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  1. all i hear is how COViD school closings were devastating to students. these days don't parents play any role in their child's education? i don't remember a lot about my early grammar school days, but i do remember my mom quizzing me with flash cards to learn multiplication tables and reading to us every night. i would have found the school closings as being a great time to step up to the task of taking responsibility for my kid's education, but apparently this didn't happen.

    in the kitchen alone i can think of dozens of ways to teach math, science and language skills... and not some word problems from a text book, but real life situations. how many times during a math or science class did you think "when will i ever use this stuff?" ... well, here was your chance parents, and it looks like most of you failed miserably.

    are parents that slow and under-educated themselves or are they simply too concerned with their own lives that they have no interest in their child's future? to me this is the saddest part about the pandemic.
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  2. Before I get into replying to your post I will ask this question. Are you a teacher.

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  3. i have been both a teacher and a student all my life.
  4. Very vague …
    We’re you a town paid school teacher?

    I know lots of parents that still had to work while the kids were home… you think single parents had the option to pay the rent or stay home? Lol.
    People are lazy today if you haven’t noticed …. But the school work the kids were doing from home wasn’t growing their minds either
  5. I Try To Teach My Kids Stuff Everyday But I Dropped Outta School Back In Jamaica So There Alotta Tings Ion Even Know. My Husband The Smart Parent In Our Family TBH. My Kids Will Probably Be Smarter Then Me Soon If They Not Already. My 2 Daughters Definetly Are. My Sons Will Be Soon Too.

  6. The reason why I ask if you're a teacher is because i don't want this to sound like shots fired. I am 43 years old, times are not the same as when I was a kid. I remember my mom hovering around my shoulder while I do my homework but the reason why she did that is because she was able to stay home while my dad worked because you really didn't need two incomes too take care of a household, things were a lot affordable then. Me and my wife both work, me 3:30am till 5pm sometimes later, Her 9am until 6pm and actually she is a vpk teacher so she deal with kids all day. When we get home you can trust me that we are not in a educational mindset to be honest with you we are really not in a dealing with our own kids mindset, you can think that's bad but it is the way life is. Now you put that all together with the children today are more advanced than in what they are being taught then we were as a kid that it quite difficult too stay up too task or basically teach your kids the stuff they are learning in school. The stuff my kids is doing taught and ask totally different now then when I was a kid. I can tell you what is 68x1575 but I seen a math problem my daughter had the other day that was basically a short story. So all I can do is tell her to ask the teacher because i can't help you with that, and actually i had a phone call with her teacher and she understood where I was coming from. I all for paying teachers way more money so are kids can be in the best position and environment to learn and become super smart, we are on a weed forum lets legalize reefer and give all the tax money to them but you should not expect a person who's not a teacher to teach, i don't expect a person who is not a chemist too chemist. And you saying that when will I use this stuff the well parents time now, people barely remember what they did last week let alone stuff learned at a place where they was so ready to get away from, and here comes the shot fired,. Teachers need too teach better and care more about teaching better. The job is a calling and after 4 years of college they know it doesn't pay well and couple of years of low pay and dealing with my terrible kids i am pretty sure it leaves teachers feeling tired and defeated. Let's pay them more so they can care more, i know that sounds crazy but it's are kids who will benefit at the end.

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    Also I worked during the whole covid.
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