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Discussion in 'Security' started by fuguzilla, May 7, 2016.

  1. ok hey guys so as we most know MJ cultivation is legal in some states, but there are growers in states that are unfortunately at risk of being caught.

    In some states you can get 15 years of imprisonment for having UNDER 1000 plants.
    The sticky covers smell, personal conversations, etc
    But I've yet to read about

    Heat signatures

    ISP (internet service providers)

    Smart meters (for power company)

    Now most police task forces are equipped with FLIR (inferred) cams (that I have read so far) What is the best way to mask your heat signature? IVe heard the best way is glass or dead air around your indoor room
    (Opinions please)

    ISP: can your internet service provider "snitch" on you? Like by simply monitoring what sites you're visiting let's take GC for example. "This guy frequently visits this marijuana forum, we should turn him over to the DEA to start a case on him"
    I know Facebook also reports potential crimes it scans via messaging,
    What I'm asking is, how can someone protect themselves in this manner? Switch to a VPN?

    Smart Meters; the power companies new digital meters that can monitor your power usage and spikes, as in it will find patterns like 18/6 or 12/12 throughout the day. How to counter that?
  2. Just go get a sack at the 7-11.......
  3. A sack?
  4. If you're that worried about being caught, just continue to buy off the black market....
  5. I thought this was a board for discussing security of your grow rooms?
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  6. Well, by all means....Carry on.
  7. I'd like to find out as much as I can about those exact things you mentioned, fuguzilla. I didn't know about 'smart meters' until this thread.
    I think probably anyone not taking security into consideration in a prohibitive state wants to be on the news.
    Great questions.

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  8. Growing is not for everyone. Not just the growing part, being able to stomach the possible consequences and be willing to accept those consequences if the day comes is part of growing in certain states like mine. Cops can't use flir without a warrant in the US. If they have a warrant you've already fkd up somewhere else and are screwed. Flir is just the final nail in the coffin to get a search warrant for your grow. Power companies and cable services just want you to pay your your bill
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  9. Ya bros I understand FLIR can only be accountable in a court of law if they had a warrant. That doesn't mean they can't use a FLIR cam without a warrant just to confirm their suspicions. But you're right if they're using a FLIR on you then you've already fucked up somewhere else down the line.

    But still, I could have a cop searching my area for another potential grow and they accidentally pick up my grow which leads to an investigation.

    You never know!

    That's why in my opinion I feel you need to be incredibly careful.
    It's going to suck when you get busted for practicing a hobby/art/safe way of having your own medicine without going through the underworld channels and face a potential 15-20 years to life be registered as a convicted felon and eventually go broke because of a few little plants.
  10. Haha. 'Underworld'.
    Anyway, bro, just be careful, weigh the possible benefits/rewards against the worst happening, and figure out if the grow is worth a bust.
    It's good to be informed, but take your basic precautions and then focus on being very good at what you do.
    I actually prefer the 'smart meter' now that I've looked into it because it means no one has to visit your spot to get your meter readings. They could see energy use patterns without a smart meter. So it's the best option of the two.
    It's like killset said, if it gets to the point of FLIR, heat signatures, meter analysis, website tracking, Google reporting and things like that, then someone has seen something, smelled something, or talked.
    A fuck-up somewhere else.
    So take basic precautions and relax, my man.
    And I promise you, if you get busted for growing only a few plants, first offense, and they give you 20 years to life for it, that means there was a body in the grow room, too.

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  11. I personally use emergency blankets the ones you get for emergencies and the mylar reflects the heat back in and it reduces your heat signature
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  12. Incorrect sir. They have to have a warrant. It's already been handled in the Supreme Court. Kyllo v. United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  13. *Build 50 ft deep grow basement.
    Just kidding. as said above cops need a warrant for most of these things, they aren't home invaders.
    You need to already have fucked up.
    If you grow on the DL and no one knows you shouldn't have any problems. The cable company doesn't care, the cops won't until they find out. and if no one tells them not much to worry about.

    If you're not willing to take the risk/consequences, just don't do it. But it is quite rewarding if you are SURE you can do it safely.
    Cops cannot investigate a weed smell in most states, and will not perform an investigation without a criminal complaint(something they could put you in court and make $ from).
    So basically keep it quiet, Get a low smell setup if you can(With a carbon filter). and if you live on your own in a home you should have little to worry about.

    Apartments/condos maybe a bit more risky. But it's at your digression, It's a risk that only you could screw up.
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  14. Look I understand where you're coming from. The police DO need a warrant to run a flir scan. But from what I've heard is that if they're looking for variable X (which they have a warrant for and X is in the same neighborhood as you)
    and they stumble across variable U by chance, then you become a point of interest. They can't knock on your door the next day of course but now they've got your scent and will eventually be looking into your business.
    Call me paranoid or whatever, I'm just speaking from the info I've gathered and the guys I've spoke to through out the years.
    Btw with Dog searches at a traffic stop, they can actually make the dog bark or act on command (I'm using this as an example that they do not play by the rules and you're a fool to think they do.)
  15. Yes there's lots of variables they need. Way before flir. You've already fkd up on your own if it's gotten to that point. They have to have a reasonable cause to obtain the warrant to be able to use flir. You've already told someone, or pissed someone off, something. Don't give them the opportunity and they can not flir your house. [​IMG]

    See that, that's my buddy right down the street. I like to call him officer when he's in uniform. His k9 brek is a really nice dog. Always up for a good scratching behind the ear. Got another officer buddy across the street even closer.

    It's called keeping your mouth shut and your shit in check. I do not have to worry about flir because I have my ass' ass covered. No junk filters. Ballasts, shortest possible cords, and such that are either tinned or somehow insulated to handle rf interference, backup filtration equipement, no weird traffic or pallets of soil setting in the yard, proper disposal of waste, so on and so forth and the #1 your lip. Don't tell your buddy, your friend, sister, brother aunt, uncle...not even granny. Never trust old women with shifty eyes. It's your business and nobody else's. Same rules apply for guerilla growing other then the electronic shit. If you get caught, it's because you messed up.

    If you can't stomach that, then purchasing marijuana is what you're going to be doing. Get out your wallet because there's plenty of dealers willing to take your cash and buy the nice things you could of bought with your weed $$$$
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