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covering a high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JuniorToker, May 8, 2011.

  1. So most of the time i dont really have anywhere to go to get high that i really trust. Im way to nervous to smoke in the house and just try to cover it up, my parents will probably notice. Ive thought about just zipping into my backyard and taking a few hits, but im not sure if they will notice when i come back in, like the smell or my eyes. i've also thought about smoking in my bathroom, then people said to just hop in the shower for a bit. So pretty much what is the best way to smoke in, or around your house and not get caught.
  2. I still live with a parent who doesn't approve of me smoking in the house. The best way in my opinion is just to smoke out the back of your place while (A) everyone is asleep or (B) everyone is out doing stuff for a decent amount of time.
  3. I got away with smoking in the bathroom for a while but my mom finally smelled it once. I was prolly just too high and fucked something up tho... Point is it generally works
  4. I just use my mflb and if they ask about my high I tell them I just took cough medicine
  5. [​IMG]
    If they can't see your face, they can't tell you're high.
  6. i use to take huge hits from my pipe and bongs and blow the smoke in a big plastic bag in my closet. I did alot of ghosting but the bag seemed to work perfectly.

    Im not sure if it was actually getting me higher, but whenever i used a smaller bag, i would blow into it, then inhale the smoke back in once or twice. i was stoned more than usual though.
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    What. The. Fuck.
  8. Never smoke a joint inside the washroom itll stink. You should get a bong and blaze in ur room and just blow the smoke outside. Works everytime. Don't forget the febreeze :)
  9. I would just wait until everyone's sleep then go outside and chill you dont have to worry about anything cuz no smells
  10. That's what I did I just did it in the bathroom then took a shower.
  11. Okay. First off, if you're going to smoke, use glass. Joints stink way more. If you smoke a joint, don't save the roach, it reeks. But you might want to consider investing in a vapourizer. The smell does not linger, and there is no smoke.

    If you're set on smoking, here are some stealth tips:

    Indoors: Buy some carbon air filter material (Home Depot or equivalent, in the ducting section) and make a carbon filter that you can blow the smoke in to. Only put enough weed in the bowl for a single hit, and put the next single hit over top. This way, no smoke escapes from the bowl. Only exhale into the filter. Some guy sells these for $20, but you can buy enough carbon to make 2-3 for $15 and DIY.

    Outdoors: Avoid joints if you can (Use a pipe outside. Pipes can easily be pocketed.)
    Wear a sweater or some other kind of shirt over your clothes. Take it off when you get inside, a lot of the smell will be stuck to it. Do something about your breath, and get some water or eye drops in your eyes. Wash your hands when you get inside, and don't forget to scrub the finger tips well.
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    alright here is the best plan imo.
    alright i recommend using a pipe outside. because usually i never find they make me smell like weed. Blow the smoke away from you to make sure you don't smell. for eyes get some Visine, or other eye drops. and for breath just get some gum. also don't shower your parents MAY suspect your up to something. and you should be good.

    okay and only smoke in your room if its at night and your parents are sleeping. and blow it out the window and make sure your door is closed to and just spray like one spray something after you smoke just in case there is some smell. and don't spray anything on you after you smoke outside, its pretty obvious
  13. Good points.

    Note the wind direction, you want to blow downwind so it doesn't get blown back at you. It's also common courtesy to not do that to others too.

    I just put a lock on my bedroom door. Saves me loads of worrying.

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