Discussion in 'General' started by gBong, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Court.
    Yep, for any of u that have been arrested, its not gonna be a fun day....hopefully today will be nice and quick, and i dont get locked up, and if i do i pray that ill get bailed out...
    its a V.O.P. case (violation of probation) and believe it or not, not for dirty piss, but for not seeking treatment...some bs huh

    anyways i got up at 6, im pissed, but hey, wish me luck
  2. Well good luck with court...
  3. edit: (for) seeking treatment?!?!?! wtf??? that's wrong...I wish you good luck.
    p.s. I have a friend also who's got court today for sellin, never smoked it himself more than once or twice, and he's still gotta go to rehab.
  4. fuckin bullshit man

    now i shes all mad and i gotta go back on friday for a petite larceny case, and she wants to see me. She said shes gonna drug test me and wants me in counseling, some bullshit

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