Court requires drug test, Please help.

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  1. 0k this is kind of long:confused: i always go off a bit, anyays the main questions is below under the first couple paragraphs with info.

    Marijuana I wouldn't say is my life, but it is one of the major tools I use for lonjevity and peace in my life.

    However in the county I am in in Illinois, because of a couple possecion violations of at most weighing a gram, last one was of some killer bomb a gram I had just picked up bastards!! :devious:

    anyways they didnt say anything to me but my lawyer is saying I most likely will have to drop a drug test december 3rd, so I wont risk both my freedom and my license which this whole thing is about getting my lisc back on a driving w / o lisc / insurance ticket, and about 11 other tickets.

    so I have to quit, im going to start working out since im on the big/heavier side,
    I am 6 - 2 240 I am going to smoke my last eigth and am working out now to get my body used to drinking water and running so by the 25th ish when I am out I will be able to focus on running when I break through the minor withdrawal time period.


    Which is the best marijuana alternative that is completely legal and safe to use before a drug test, meening i'll pass the test with it in my system required from the court.

    my concerns are safety, why I smoke marijuana is because its a bueatiful thing given to us by a higher power, in its most natural form being smoked it helps fight off sicknessess and much more, so I dont want to smoke something that might make me sick or that is worse then marijuana for my lungs.

    main thing please : closest to weed buzz / high and obviously safe that will pass a drug test please, and ill order some pronto or go find some, various suggestions please
  2. If you mean a legal high like K2 then there's really no way to know if it's "safe". The stuff you see sold at headshops is either just incense sprayed with chemicals or incense that doesn't do anything. Even stuff with the same name isn't usually made by the same "company", its all imported from China or something.

    PLUS... I'm not sure, but I don't think you're really allowed to talk about this kinda stuff on the forums. We can give you advice on your test, but "legal highs" aren't really tolerated here, despite the fact that GC sells them :confused:
  3. my answer to you would be to just stop smoking and pass the drug test, why fuck around.

    besides it will be a nice little tolerance break for ya

    btw what does this have to do with legalization and activism?

    apprentice tokers section that way breh -------->
  4. Just don't smoke.
  5. There is absolutely no substitute for good ol' cannabis. Some people like k2, or "spice", but that stuff just gets me stoned, not high. It's like taking bars minus the retardation.

    Be strong!
  6. This does it pretty well
  7. Absinthe my friend.
  8. Dude you need to just take a break. It's not hard.
  9. Lucid Absinthe: Home

    I'm tellin you man, this stuff is pretty legit. Expensive but legit. And now it's legal and not hard to find anymore.
  10. ok so given I tend to smoke a lot, not in quantity but in time I do, I smoke probably 1 full bowls worth an hour but seperated through hits ithin the hour, sometmes I smoke a half a bowl all at once or something but usually 1-2 hits at a time.

    so I smoke throughout the day so the seperation of this will be tough

    is there any Natural tabacco buds that are exotic or something that are safer to smoke then cigs but with a good buzz high or stone feeling, what is in the marijuana alternatives that i see like the kush alternatives or white widow etc, are any of those safe and good?

    I know I can quit but you have to understand, I smoke before everything, I have self confidence but id rather still be able to smoke

    otherwise yeah obv there is no risking it, i fuck this up ill have to take drug tests more often and thats not happening considering I have always been responsible with my weed.

    thanks everyone for the response and support, i prob am going to stay away from the k2/spice stuff since I am not sure what it is.
  11. im going to buy the k 2 stuff, iv seen a lot of positive reviews from pot smokers, only q, is there anything i need to know about it before i buy it, and again thanks
  12. Ehhh there's not much in the way of drugs that mimic the effects of good old chronic. If you really want to get high legally then an easy, although fucking intense, solution is salvia.

  13. isnt that plastic or chemichles found in plastic, anyways the winner is k 2 blonde, wish me luck and if you hear of any bad side effects tell me

    i know its not good for ya but for a month i should be fine,:hello:
  14. Well, I would just suggest you take the long break, because no matter what It will be good for the both. The court will find you clean, and you're gonna be in such a long t-break after court you can go home and spark a J, and you're going to get so stoned from that big break.

  15. This. Take a break. You may not realize it because of the amount you smoke, and judging by your name, I THINK I know why. :hello:

    Anyway taking a month long break will hopefully get most, if not all of the cannabis out of your system, and the first time you toke after that month is going to be the most amazing feeling EVER. Get all the bud out of your house so there's no temptation...binge one last time if you have to; fuck, smoke the rest of the stash of you want.

    The first 3 days will be rough, the feeling is well...I don't know any other way to say it: bleak.

    After the third day though you're all good and it'll be plenty easy. Stick it out man, I promise it's worth it. Just prove to yourself you can do it if you want to. Then nobody can ever give you shit.

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