Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home

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    This is a BIG deal. Not just for Indiana residents. I predict a rash of such rulings around the country so be warned.

    The police in Indiana are going to abuse this immediately because they will fear that it may get overturned.

    Let me give you a scenario. An adult citizen is in his home lawfully consuming alcohol and the police enter his home with out a knock and order that person to step outside for questioning. If he complies he will be arrested for public intoxication which is illegal. If he resists it will be resisting arrest which is also illegal. So this ruling allows the police to legally put a person in a catch 22 where they can not avoid arrest.

    Your home is essentially public property to the police.

    David said a person arrested following an unlawful entry by police still can be released on bail and has plenty of opportunities to protest the illegal entry through the court system.

    So they can get you in to the legal system and you basically can't do anything to stop it.

    Perhaps they will just walk in to count your guns and check your permits, or check to see if you are recycling. Maybe they want to see if you are feeding your children properly. Perhaps they just want to search for stolen merchandise or drugs even though they have no suspicion.

    The ruling states that:

    but if I understand it correctly you wont have access to much of that if you are charged with the Patriot Act.

    This is pre Magna Carta lawlessness sanctioned by a state supreme court and this modern jurisprudence, new world order tyranny could be coming to a state near you so be warned.


  2. I cannot express in words how outraged I am. When does the revolution start?

  3. Why do I feel like these judges are from Europe?

    I think the police should raid their homes tonight and arrest them.

    They can always bail out on Monday morning.
  4. Well, nobody can say that the 4th amendment exists anymore then. Glad we got that cleared up.

    Let's burn down congress guys!
  5. "The court's decision stems from a Vanderburgh County case in which police were called to investigate a husband and wife arguing outside their apartment.

    When the couple went back inside their apartment, the husband told police they were not needed and blocked the doorway so they could not enter. When an officer entered anyway, the husband shoved the officer against a wall. A second officer then used a stun gun on the husband and arrested him."

    What kinda dumbass shoves a cop...?
  6. One who just got walked all over by a motherfucking pig.
  7. Is there ever going to be an end to all this??

    I mean the more time goes on the more these pigs are passing laws that blatantly take away all our rights..

    When the hell are people going to stand up for themselves?

  8. Now would be a real good time.

    They could walk in to your house one night and find duct tape, pvc pipe and copper wire and then have you charged with some sort of anti terrorist nonsense. You'll suddenly find yourself with out any rights at all if they want to take it that far. One minute your fast asleep in your bed and the next minute your on a plane to gitmo with a black bag over your head I guess.

    That's what its like in a police state. :mad:
  9. What exactly is the government's criteria for deeming someone a terrorist again? It's not too hard to get on their list...

  10. Damn near everyone on here...

    Chuck Baldwin Live | Fighting for Constitutional Government in America

    The Modern Militia Movement-Missouri MIAC Strategic Report 20Feb09

    Missouri Highway Patrol retracts controversial report on militia activity

    Missouri Highway Patrol retracts controversial report on militia activity - Kansas City Star
  11. A good revolution starts by sending cannon fodder out to mix it up with the government soldiers. Thats where you come in at. You need to die (for the revolution, mind you) so we can have more martyrs. I promise that you'll get 72 virgins once you get to heaven.
    And after you're dead, we'll put up a monument to honor you.
  12. dude if a police officer just randomly opened the door and walked into my house i would treat him like any other person breaking into my home. fists of fury baby!! :devious:

    that shit will never go down in illinois. too many cops would get shot.
  13. What does this imply about needing a warrant?
  14. hmmm, unknown invader into persons home, first thing the home owner sees, is a gun, fearing for the life and safety of the family, they let loose with both barrels of grandads 12gauge...

    ooops, was just an illegal entree by a corrupt neonazi police officer...

    then the other cops go postal and wipe out the whole family, wife as she is in the shower, the dog (a Yorkie) blasted to pieces for barking and wagging its lethally stubby tail to and fro, the kids asleep in bed, snuffed without hesitation, after all, they could have a weapon or bomb strapped to their chest....

    what a shame....could have been avoided if the police had just followed the constitutional rights of the people that pay their salary...:(

  15. So it was smart of him to shove the cop? Seems like a stupid idea to me, regardless of what happened. Did he think the cop was just gonna be like "whoa, ok bro I'll just go get in my car now?"
  16. A dumbass desperately trying to preserve their rights. I agree that it wasn't a smart move. Anytime you are forced to encounter the police, you probably made some stupid move to attract their attention in the first place.
  17. What kstigs said. Not smart, but I don't think it's unreasonable for cops to expect a man to react that way if they barge into his apartment - especially in this case, where it seems the cop might have pushed him out of the way.
  18. This means any vindictive prick can call a cop and say, "I smell weed over there real heavy and a bunch of kids running around" now cop walks in on you chillin with your girl, hurting no one because maybe your neighbor is a dick? Now I have to worry about smoking inside my house, I gotta get out of Indiana now? If you have a dick neighbor your done. That dick calls a cop and your done, your unaware & they just stroll right in like they own the place find your ounce and you go to jail. What's all this bullshit talk I keep hearing about Republicans wanting to get rid of big government? Always 1 step forward and 3 steps back.
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    From what I can tell, this man did stand up for himself, the problem is that no one else is going to stand up with him.

    [ame=]YouTube - The Hangman by Maurice Ogden[/ame]

    Good luck and have fun guys, it seems that the hangman has been in town for quite some time.

    To those thinking this man took unreasonable action by shoving the cop - enjoy your ass fucking when the law comes for you. Im sure your anus will be bleeding profusely, and as you lay in a pool of your tears and blood, you'll be wondering why you didnt at least try to shove him away. :cool:

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