Court in like 2 hours

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. So, today is the day. I have court at 3:30 ( My dad is picking me up in like 20 minutes to grab some lunch). I'm hoping for the best. Anyone who wants to send me some Karma, I could really use it.

    And then AFTER court, I'll be talking with the doctor to see if I tested HIV- positive. I broke down and cried all night. I worked as hard as I could for good karma, good vibes. Did everything in my power...

    When some people do that, they get nice deals on bud/ something good happens. I get arrested, possible loss of my career, and possibly HIV...

    I'm starting to doubt myself, and everything I believe in. The ONLY person whose been there for me ( besides Dad and Sis) is the girl I'm in love with. And sadly, she has a boyfriend. But It's fine. As long as she is happy, that's all I want.

    I have no clue what to think anymore. My head is just spinning....

    This is the last place I can go to vent, and have people who actually care. I thank all of you for that. I'm in need of some serious Karma and Vibes from my fellow blades.
  2. Good luck with everything dude, especially the test :(
  3. good luck
  4. you already know im here for ya. Take care of yaself.

    Military can wait, even if you dont have it... i think you need to relax for a month and take bullshit off your mind.
  5. wish ya the best spaz. good luck duke!!!
  6. QFT, goodluck
  7. So, I'm home...

    I tested NEGATIVE for EVERYTHING, which was a suprise.

    I got back to court in 2 weeks. The prosecutor WANTS to drop all charges. Which is a very rare thing to happen. So in 2 weeks, here's what happens:

    80% EVERYTHING gets dropped, and it's like nothing happened.
    20% I get it dropped to public nuissance. I pay a fine, and get into the Airforce with no problems. No having to write a letter, no nothing.

    So either way, I'm in good favor. I thank all of you for your great karma. Smokentoke420: THank you bro, You kept me up when I was down.

    ShakemyTrees: You've talked things over with me, and helped me with A LOT of things.

    Everyone else: The good karma, the good vibes, the positive views helped me.
  8. congrats on everything working out!! :hello: Good karma pays off every time man
  9. Thanks. I'm so happy. I wanna hug ALL of GC...

    Minus Heinous_Anus if he's drunk. That could go bad...

    And minus KSR- he'll try to shoot me :D
  10. Spaz my brotha, you know all i got is lvoe for the homies. Glad errthang came out ok. Your very lucky, normally they have a court date to introduce the trial to a judge, another one to do the judging, and a final one (normally) to give you the verdict. At least thats how my lil sis who got busted and shit had to go through, but she was underage so who knows.

    Anyways, glad to hear errythangt went good. man, im high.

  11. Haha thanks bro. I'm really lucky. To get a drug charge DROPPED in New Jersey is unheard of, especially in my town. They was just intimidated by mah gangsta self, haha. They probally seen some scared cracker headed into the military, and made a little mistake. Mission accomplished.
  12. Nice work, man. :smoke:
  13. Congratz mang
  14. nice man, glad to hear it worked out okay.

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