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Court in 20 minutes.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Walter Sobchak, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Poss. of a roach. argh. first offense ever. in college.

    hoping for the best. Grasscity bring me good thought. :hello:
  2. goodluck, i'll think of you when i'm tokin up in about 30 min :p
  3. gl dude

    my gf left her backpack in my car so I had to wake up at fing 7am and drive it to her

    and she put me in a good mood in the 4 minutes I saw her so I decided to go to einsteins and apply.. the lady said im almost def getting the job, so there goes car insurnace money.

    things look ^ sometimes
  4. What a bullshit charge..good luck..
  5. good luck, hope all turns out in your favor more or less.
  6. Tell them you did not inhale.... Hey it worked for Clinton. Seriously though good luck dude that is sum Bull! JOE>
  7. 10 bucks says the lazy pig didn't/doesn't show up

    no self respecting pig would go through all the hassle if arresting someone for a roach ...they may do it but the paperwork gets lost...evidence? fuckin' less then a .5 roach

    just don't take any plea crap...they don't have much of anything
  8. amazing i agree again

    go to court, dress nice, talk nice, the cop wont come.

    I coulda done that w/my 2 citations but I was lazy and forked the $150
  9. continued. every case was. damn 300 people.

    May 9th is the new date. I hate Greensboro court. Unorganized and unprofessional.
  10. Welcome to the court system, where people loaft for a living.
  11. I just got done with a couple speeding tickets. It took like 2 months after the first court date. I got two tickets 3 days apart so they got put on the same date and now all i have to do is take a class and there gone.

    In conclusion. Court sucks just get a lawyer to go for you
  12. yeah, I'm getting a lawyer. My time is valuable, and my sanity.
  13. Damn sorry to hear about that bad luck with you bro. When I went the clerk let me go scotch-free which was really nice of him and it was just me , my dad, the cop and the clerk so it didnt go to court or get on my record. I was 16 at the time so maybe they let me go since I was a minor.

    Ill smoke a bowl for ya man.
  14. Yea dude. Court is ALWAYS continued. I hate that shiit, my case for attempted homocide was carried out threefold and my theft case twofold. Weed should be like.. nothing if you werent distributing.
  15. May 9th is my bday.
  16. Good luck bro, I hope everything works out for you
  17. are they counting it as parafinelia (sp?) or possesion?

    if it's possesion, anything under two ounces counts as a mistiminer. You'll probably get some community service hopefully they don't put you on probation. If they do it will be court ordered, and you'll have drug tests all the time: (
  18. ill smoke one for you
  19. In my county it's only a violation(like a speeding ticket but with a stiffer fine) for a possesion under an oz. over an oz is mideamonear.(sp)
  20. Possession under half an oz. is a mistiminer. I had a roach. This is my first offense. I have a clean record. I'm not worried, just hasseled at this point. It should be fine and move on, IMO.

    20 days jail is the max., but that will never happen. Maybe if I had had many many priors.

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