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    October 22nd I have a court date for theft, if any of you have been reading my threads.

    I think I am still going to go to NE for a month and come back down for my court date, go on probation and go back to NE.

    apparently the few items I did pawn totaled ($126.00) my parents claimed were theirs, since they bought them FOR me.

    if i come back on the 22nd to CO for my court date, and get put on probation or given a fine, can I still go back to NE?

    thoughts, gc?
  2. If you did get probation you would have to let your probation officer know where you were goi ng and make sure it is ok for you to leave. If you just got a fine, you could tell them that you don't have the money right now and they will probably give you an extension. Good luck to you man.
  3. Yeah, it would be all up to your PO. I know when my younger sister got out of jail and put on probation she wanted to move to PA with a friend, and the PO told her absolutely not, she had to stay in VA until her probation was over, whether she liked it or not.
  4. I was not sent to jail, it was a ticket to show up for court. I have no criminal history.
  5. Yes, I realize this. I just thought I would throw a personal story in there.

    I'm not too familiar with the differences between getting a PO after doing a stint in jail, and getting a PO just as a result of a court ruling.
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    If you were put on probation in CO and moved to Nebraska they would just transfer your case to a probation department in Nebraska. GL in court, I have a pending theft charge, too.

    EDIT: of course you would have to run this idea by your PO and get approval.
  7. man i just wanna no show on the court date.

    also trying to talk dad into dropping the charges..

    fucking prick.
  8. you're not gonna get a PO especially since you have no prior criminal record or anything. the probation is basically you can't do anything illegal for a certain amount of time. you can travel 2 another state i'm pretty sure.
  9. explain, more please.
  10. all I got to say is I'm sorry. I know how it feels to go through shit, and when it comes to "crimes", the court doesn't really care to much about you. Also PO's are pricks... I have never met a nice PO. Dick move on your dads part, but if they gave them to you for liek your birthday, or christmas, I don't see how they could take it back and charge you without them telling you "I'm taking this back from you". You were on your own, what else were you to do?
  11. Someone told me the judge would just tell me not to do it again since I have no criminal history.

    Or just community service.

    I need some fucking real advice, no offense
  12. Ain't no lawyer but sounds accurate. With no criminal history and the items totaling a little over 100$ and from your parents at that. I wouldn't expect any probation other than unsupervised and thats a big maybe. Depends on the judge but I don't see much bad happening to ya bro. Probably just bullshit community service / fine.
  13. a PO officer is assigned to people who have broken probation before or have a committed a more serious offense. usually they let you off with a 6 month probation period in which you are not allowed to do anything illegal. you can travle state to state if this is the case because this is not a violation of the terms the judge will guve you. people are thinking about parole officers here and what not. don't worry the case might even be dropped depending on the judge so don't sweat it.
  14. Dude I wouldn't really worry about any charges, what you did isn't severe at all. But show up on the court date. you dont want to give the judge a reason to dislike you

  15. How old are you? If you're a minor, still in school, or living at home with a job or some sort of production, the judge will just slap you on the wrists.

    Since you're 18 (right?) and don't have a job, the judge will most likely give you some kind of community service. If you let him know about the move, and possibly have your dad discuss it with the judge, he'll most likely set you up with a PO in your new town, and have you do community service there.
    And you'll probably get a PO who doesn't give a fuck. Non drug related and non violent cases usually get those PO's.
    P.S. Be friendly to your PO. Let them know you aren't a bad person, and that you're trying to set yourself on a new path. They'll let you slip every now and again if you...well, fuck up.

    Edit: PO meaning probation officer, not parole. You're not going to go to jail for $126, and you're not getting a parole officer.

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