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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gBong, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Lets hope i get out....

    Well my morning is already full of stress, im bout to head over to court, last time i smoked was last not sure if shes gonna test me or not, she told me she would last month, but since she heard progress she was happy...since then i have gotten into counseling (as required by probation) so hopefully she wont test me considering counseling and probation test me...

    Anyways, damn VOP

    Hopefully i get gettin a new cell phone in the mail today, was gonna play with that....

    I will be drinkin a bottle of CHF Cleansing liquid that i picked up from GNC...i asked the guy if he had any detox that got marijuana out and he showed me this hidden spot behind this door thingy..weird...anyways, i will let u kno how it goes

    All i really hope is that i come home today not arrested, or on bail, but hey, if its just bail they want, hopefully bail we'll give them, and i can be free

    Wish me luck
  2. Hope it went well man..I guess if we hear from ya soon, you weren't arrested.. Good luck..

    That sounds pretty cool... even though I have no need for one, it makes me want to go there just to ask, to see if theres a secret door, lol :smoking:
  3. Good luck, hope you get out.
  4. home, finally, holf fuckin shit that sucked....i usually smoke a quarter a week and bein locked up in itself wasnt bad i was in PC which is nothing, ur in one cell and the guards watch you.....but its all good now, out on bail, and i just bought a half oz...LEGALIZE IT
  5. what you on prohbation for in the first place ???? A guy i know is locked up right now cause he violated his prohbation by blazin weed. Since he cant afford bail he's stuck in jail until he goes to court, he's allready been waiting for hella days just sittin there and his sentance hasnt even started yet. Fucked up shit man.

  6. He might get credit for time served.

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