Couple questions

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  1. Okay soo my plants are pre flowering, and I just got a couple questions.

    1. What should I do when my buds get rained on alot ? "best thing I thought of was just shake them"

    2. I like approximately 25 mins from the ocean. Will the salt In the air hurt my buds? Or will it even carry that far off shore ?

    Any feedback is much appreciated:smoke:
  2. If you cannot cover them. Then all you can do is shake them and hope for the best. Remove any really close brush around your plant to get better airflow. Pluck any leafs that touch the ground when your plant is wet. Remove all dead leafs at every visit. do not let them hang inside the plant. Thats where mold starts.
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    Thanks alot man...I was thinking of covering them but I think it may cause too much attention at my spot. I'm gonna go remove brush soon, didn't think of that one. Thanks alot 5150

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