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Couple questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bengali548, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. sup guys new to this forum and smoking (only for maybe a year)

    anyways i got a couple questions

    1) are hookas good for smoking marijuana?
    2) is there a list of liquids with a THC solubility percentage (i was thinking about using coke instead of water for a bong) also does the liquid being used alter the taste?
    3) is there anyway to avoid crashing/burning out when getting high? (ive overcome getting the munchies just the burning out and id be good)
  2. 1. hookahs are so badass to smoke out of. mix it with some sheesha and it will taste magnificent.
    2. you can use any liquid in a bong, and sometimes, yes, it will alter the taste. For better or worse. I wouldn't do it with coke just because i feel like it'd be gross.
    3. nah man, unfortunately everyone gets burnt out. There is one way to fight this, and that's to just keep smoking. But eventually you will be out and eventually you will crash haha.
  3. #3 bengali548, Sep 13, 2009
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    Ya my friend has a hookah and we were talking about the pipe clogging up but ya he usually makes a weed sandwich where he puts weed between flavoured tobacco I kind of got sick of the taste (it was grape we did it 3 days straight at a cottage)

    I mainly wanted to know what liquids to avoid cuz of the whole thc solubility thing

    shit so just keep recharging eh I gotcha
  4. the only way to avoid burning out if to smoke dank.
  5. Yeah if you smoke dank, you wont get burnt out.
  6. Heh, yeah.. I've never burnt out.. always came down nice and smooth.
  7. whats dank?

    (sorry for my n00bness)
  8. Yeh dude if you dont wana burnout smoke some dank

    I wouldnt use coke in a bong, the thc will disove in the sugar and have you ever tried to breath in the co2 from a soda?? also it might stain your bong and be hard as hell to get out. if you want to try something different maybe try tea? un-sweet tea that is.
  9. dank = kick ass weed
  10. Dank is slang for top notch weed. also dont use coke or anything with sugar/sweetener in a bong cause it will be hard to get it all out and it will attract ants and other critters. water is probably the best way to go i my opinion, if anything add some lemon juice to the water to help with the nasty bong water smell.
  11. Kk thanx guys so far I'm trying to find a 1 hit ko weed I've tried ak47, juicy fruit, OG kush, cherry bomb, and white shark

    so far the most powerful was whit shark
  12. have fun bro...yea I know when I smoke concentrates like hash, oils and waxes I do not have that tired come down but more of an uplifting high :):smoke:

  13. come to think of it the shark was in hash form and when i smoked it i felt really energetic also

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